Claire Dolan and Sally Palmer

Sally Palmer (80) discusses the nuances of living in 2020's quarantine with her granddaughter Claire Dolan (13).

American Identity Born In A Different Country

How has being an American citizen being born in a different country affects Nadia’s American identity.

American History Interview

An interview with my Grandma from New Zealand about her perspective on America

covid interview

i asked a family member a variety of questions about covid 19

Curren Shesniak and Jamie Shesniak

Curren Shesniak (16) talks with his mother, Jamie Shesniak (45) about COVID-19.

Project 1

We talked about my friend Jose coming to the US. What it was like moving here and how he got here.

Never Asked Before Questions

In this interview, I was asking my mother questions I never thought about asking her before. Although her English isn’t fluent she responded in a very well way.

A Pastoral Assistant's Thoughts on his Life, Job, and COVID-19

Junsuk Seo (27) talks to Hyeon Woo Kim (19) about what his life has been like leading up to this point where he's pursuing the role of a pastor. Junsuk also goes a little more in-depth with his specific spiritual...

Peter McGinnis and John-Peter Heinrich

Peter McGinnis(16) talks to his uncle Jack Heinrich(48) about his childhood and life through the coronavirus.

Nithik Chintalacheruvu Interviews his Father about his Life

In this interview,conducted in Morganville, Nithik Chintalacheruvu talks to his Father about various things including his childhood and his journey to America. He learns a lot about his father.

Storycorps interview with Alex Fried

Interview between Jared Knoll and Alex Fried. Talked about how Alex has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. He was studying abroad in Spain.

Kayla Ventura and Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez (38) talks with her daughter, Kayla Ventura (18) about her past and present experiences. Touching on topics ranging from her childhood to the current day COVID-19 pandemic, we hear some of the many lessons learned by my mom...

Stephan Prô and Isabelle Prô

Isabelle Prô interviews dr. Stephan Prô, an orthopedic surgeon about his experience with the pandemic and COVID-19.

COVID-19 Interview

An interview about a high school senior who had an altered school year.

Immigrating from Jamaica for school
November 12, 2022 App Interview

We talk about the culture shock faced when immigrating. We also address how identities were laid upon him when getting to the US. Lastly, we talk about his future in America and what he'll teach his kids about his transition.

thanksgiving interview

We talked about Anita’s start Canada to the United States as a nurse. the differences about the two countries. and how she meet my dad.and how the military changed and affect there lives.

Moniquita La Mas Bonita Coming To America
October 13, 2022 App Interview

Interviewed my best friend and my coworker about her experience coming to America.

The influence of American traditions
November 28, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed my godmother, Maria with 38 years of experience. We discuss how America and American traditions have affected the family culture.