“We had a shuffle board tournament party and we invited John Lennon”

Scott Sklar grew up in Manhattan as the son of Rick Sklar, who ran ABC Radio in New York. His childhood was something special, as he was constantly in the presence of popular culture icons and attended some of the...

Interview of my Grandmother, Celia Fitzpatrick

An interview of Ceil Fitzpatrick of Fort Worth Texas, 82 years old, born in Ireland, now a Texan. By her eldest Granddaughter Caitriona Kratovil of Dallas.

La historia de una niña puertorriqueña: Marilyn Vélez.

Cada persona que emigra aquí desde otro lugar tiene una historia que contar. Marilyn Vélez vino a Estados Unidos con su familia para tener una vida mejor. Escuche cómo llego a Estados Unidos y las dificultades que tuvo que enfrontar...

A tragedy’s tole on family and development.

Nazi Germany isn’t the best place to establish a healthy relationship with your kids. This interview dives in depth on Justin Herz’s relationship with his dad, Frank Herz, and how that was directly affected by his grandfather’s, Kurt Herz, relationship...


Interview with my maternal grandmother

Staten Island Queen

This is an interview with my mom who’s on the right talking about her childhood and teenage years. She talked about key life advice.

Immigration Stories: Mexico-United States An Oral History – Alicia Marván, Director of Guapamacataro Center for Arts and Ecology

Alicia talks about the importance of the Guapamacataro Arts and Ecology center as a place for artist residents and as a way to give back to the Maravatio community. Alicia is both a citizen of Mexico and the United States...

“We all knew that what we’ve seen was real”

A story of how my grandfather saw a UFO in New York. Although its hard to believe, he never lies which makes this story all the more fascinating.

life lessons with my mom

in this interview my mom describes her life growing up in Queens, New York and gives me life advice.