Thanksgiving with my Aunt Ashley

I interviewed my Aunt Ashley about things that I wanted to know about her.

Childhood Names

This interview is about family names and the origins of those names.

The Backstory Behind JJ the Jet Plane

In this interview, filmed on the 1st of December in Turners Falls, MA, Abigail Sanders (age 16) interviewed family friend and PCA Jaeden Chapin (age 18) about her life as a child growing up. Jaeden recalled some funny stories her...

Alexa and her Grandfather getting to know each other better on the eve of Thanksgiving.
November 24, 2021 App Interview

In my interview we talking about the military, my grandfathers parents, what he did for fun and any nicknames he was called.

Nyk’s interview with his mom.

Nykolas interviews his mom about her life, her family, and how we got here.

Aaron Win StoryCorps APUSH 2

Interviewing my aunt who has been in my life and have taken care of me upon arrival of my parents in the US

Interview with dad!

On November 26th i (Jack Fisher) interviewed my dad in leesburg, VA in our home office. I talked to my dad about his childhood and his perspective on life. I learned a lot about him I didn’t know.

Adan Persad interviews Ricky.

Grew up all around New York, his nickname is gordo witch means fat in Spanish because he used to eat a lot when he was a kid

My sisters keeper pt2

We talked about her going to the military and why she did it and did she serve in a war zone and where

Keira Hogan and her mother, Kristine Hogan, talk about growing up and her life

In this interview, conducted on December 1st 2019, in Danvers, Massachusetts, Keira Hogan interviews her mother, Kristine Hogan about her life and growing up. Kristine talks about her childhood memories, Fourth of July traditions, and a rather unfortunate nickname. She...

A heartwarming interview with my Vovo

I interviewed my grandmother from my mother's side. I asked her some questions about her life, why she immigrated to the United States in 1988, and what she was thankful for Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving Listen

We discussed about the life about the other occupation. We also asked watch other about some traditions and nicknames.

Family knows who you are and greatly impacts who you become

In this interview conducted on December first 2019 on a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, Susana Carrillo (14) interviews her friend and father Luis Carrillo (49) about his family relationships and one of the biggest changes in his life....

Hailey Tyacke interviews her Grandfather Tom McGuire

My grandpa and I talked about how he grew up and special moments in his life. We talked about family careers, memories, and stories. I asked him a total of 13 questions and each answer took about minute. I’m glad...

Interview with father

This is a interview of different times and parts of my father’s life.

Alden Laborde and her mother Jennifer Laborde talk about the differences of growing up and raising your own kids.

In this Interview im November 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, Alden Laborde (17) interviews her mother Jennifer Laborde about her childhood and growing up all the way through raising her own kids. She talks about her different relationships, whether that be...

Karen Abaya and her mother Elenita Abaya talk about her life growing up in the Philippines

In this interview, Karen Abaya interviews her mother Elenita Abaya in their home in Westfield, New Jersey about her life in the Philippines. Elenita shares stories about what her school system was like and the crazy rules she had to...

Catalina Griffiths and her nana Penny Chapel talk about growing up in Mission beach, California.

This interview took place in my bedroom, in clairemont San Diego, California, on November 18th 2018. I Catalina Griffiths, interviewed my nana Penny Chapel, who is 70 years old. We talked about a lot, and I learned many things about...