Brian Wallach and Danielle Carnival

Friends and colleagues Brian Wallach (40) and Danielle Carnival (39) talk about how they began working together through Brian's non-profit, IAmALS. Brian talks about receiving his ALS diagnosis and what compelled him to want to start the non-profit, and Danielle...

Doyce Deas and Shawn Brevard

Doyce Deas (76) and Shawn Brevard (63) share a conversation about the evolution of the Link Centre, an arts and social services organization in Tupelo, Mississippi.

The Arts, and Its Impact On My Dad, Alex.
November 4, 2021 App Interview

I talk with my father about his passion for the arts, while he loves them, how he discovered his passion for them, and where he sees them going in the future.

Carley Larson and Tatiana Larsen

One Small Step conversation parnters Carley Larson (28) and Tatiana Larsen (37) have a conversation about learning from the wisdom of strangers, their COVID pandemic experiences, and how their beliefs evolved around Christianity.

Cindy Su and Sneha Sharma

Friends Sneha Sharma (17) and Cindy Su (17) share a conversation about their experiences as high school students during the COVID-19 pandemic, their environmental advocacy work, their mentors, and their families.

Rachel Runfola and Peter Luitwieler

Coworkers and One Small Step conversation partners Rachel Runfola (63) and Peter "Pete" Luitweiler (79) talk about their military service, their work serving veterans, and the development of their different religious and political views.

Paul Bracy and Donald Brown

Friends Paul Bracy (80) and Donald Brown (72) share a conversation about how they first met and how they came to form Concerned Black Men of Massachusetts.

Charles Smoke and Jerome Shannon

Jerome Shannon (66) and his husband, Charles Smoke (69), sit down for a conversation about moving from Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL, the organizations that they are involved with in Pensacola, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives...