Linda Ginzel and Nancy Cowles

Linda Ginzel (56) tells Nancy Cowles (56) how losing her 16month-old baby to a crib accident at a local daycare, inspired her to start her own organization called Kids in Danger, an organization dedicated to protect children by improving the...

Jamal [No Name Given] and Jamie Hadwin

One Small Step conversation partners Jamal [No Name Given] (33) and Jamie Hadwin (35) discuss education, capitalism, and funding for public services. They also learn some similarities between their fathers.

Marla Barthen and Madeline Carpenter

Marla Barthen (50) shares a conversation with her mentee, Madeline Carpenter (20), about the women’s rights movement and what people of different generations can contribute to that movement.

Silvia Alemañy and Delilah Santamaria

Coworkers Silvia Alemañy (58) and Delilah Santamaria (25) share some of their favorite memories of working at Literacy, Inc. and reflect on the power of reading.

Maureen Haley and Chris Goode

Colleagues Maureen Haley (57) and Chris Goode (56) talk about their work with Decatur Makers, which is a maker space they helped create in Decatur, GA.

TerryJosiah Sharpe and Kristen Sharpe

TerryJosiah Sharpe (39) and Kristen Sharpe (33) discuss the leap of faith they took in moving from San Diego, California, to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Zena and Mrs. Pamela Davis talk about her involvement in non-profits through out here lifetime.”

I did an interview with a Mrs. Pamela Davis who sits on the boards of many different nonprofits in Houston, Texas.

Sedrick and Ruth Luke

Sedrick (22) and his sister Ruth (27) discuss First Step Communities, an organization that works with the homeless in order to find them homes in Sacramento, CA.

Robert Segal and Jeff Segal

Robert Segal (87) talks with his son, Jeff Segal (55), about his childhood memories, his career path, and his wife Jeanne. He remembers his daughter, Morgan, who died by suicide and talks about the nonprofit he started in her memory.

Lesa Williams and Natalie May

One Small Step partners Lesa Williams (61) and Natalie May (62) talk about their families, their nonprofit work with children, and their views on funding in public education.

Staff Talk About What Working at TreePeople Means to Them

A StoryCorps-inspired montage of five staffers at Los Angeles-based environmental nonprofit TreePeople speaking about what brought them to the work and why they stay. Recorded in 2011, including the voices of Rosa (Bautista) Donis (38), Edith de Guzman (31), Jim...

Kalia Morrison and Lew Lefton

Friends and Coworkers, Kalia Morrison (39) and Lew Lefton (62), speak about the nonprofit Decatur Makers: its founding, its community, and their hopes for the organization moving forward.

Carrie Hendrickson and Stacy Ward Lattin

One Small Step partners Carrie Hendrickson (58) and Stacy Ward Lattin (36) share their biggest influences, their political views, and their thoughts on diversity and equity.

Karen Kiely and Sandra May

Karen Kiely (57) shares a conversation with her mother, Sandra May (81), about Sandra’s childhood, her family, her friends, and the lessons she has learned in her life.

Katharine Herndon and Susan Snead

One Small Step participants Katharine Herndon (55) and Susan Snead (70) have a conversation about coming back to Richmond for its history, teaching kids and engineers to read, and greed and politics getting in the way of necessary medical care.

Kelly Dozier and Laurie Dozier III

Laurie Dozier III (71) interviews his wife, Kelly Dozier (61), about LeMoyne Arts, where Kelly serves as the Board Lead Director. They discuss Kelly's passion for the work she does, the art center's award winning Chain of Parks Art Festival,...

Marvina Hooper and C V

Friends Marvina Hooper (65) and C V (43) talk about their faith and the nonprofit organization Marvina started called Casa David. They talk about the work they are doing to support people in need in Honduras and Guatemala.

Melinda Hamilton and Felicia Williams

Friends Melinda Hamilton [no age given] and Felicia Williams [no age given] have a conversation about helping others navigate the grieving process. They also discuss their shared experiences and talk about their nonprofits called "Journey 2 Healing Hearts" and "Mother's...

Interview with Kristen Gibson, Occupational Therapist & Co-founder of Dignity not Despair

In this recording, I summarize my interview with Kristen Gibson, occupational therapist and co-founder of Dignity not Despair. Dignity not Despair is a non-profit organization that provides goods such as makeup and hygiene products to refugees around the world to...

Candace Printz and Zulema Macias

Friends Candace Prinz (41) and Zulema Macias (48) discuss the origins of their nonprofit, Green Hope Project, and reflect on the projects and art they have created.