Richard Mussler-Wright and Jane Zink

Colleagues Richard Mussler-Wright (56) and Jane Zink (56) share a conversation about their children’s experiences in preschool, the importance of accessible childcare, and their work in early childhood education.

Sammye Walton and Chris Gates

Sammye Walton (45) interviews her friend, Chris Gates (35), about his creation of and continued passion for MainSprings, a nonprofit organization focused on breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a sustainable future for communities in East Africa.

Stacie Williamson and Adam Barlow-Thompson

One Small Step partners Stacie Williamson (39) and Adam Barlow-Thompson (38) share a conversation about their families, their faith, their communities, their political views, and about what guides their values and beliefs.

Judith Barba Perez and Lehabim Escoto Flores

Judith Barba Perez (31) y su esposo, Lehabim Escoto Flores (34), comparten una conversación sobre sus experiencias al inmigrar a los Estados Unidos desde México y el trabajo que ahora hacen para apoyar a otros inmigrantes. [Judith Barba Perez (31)...

Sandy Rief and Diane Egner

Diane Egner (66) talks with her husband, Sandy Rief (77), about how the Frank E. Duckwall Foundation began, the foundation’s impact on the community, and Sandy’s role in the foundation.

"Truth and Love are the solution…" Suzanne Lewis-Johnson & Nichole Terrett discuss their work in the fight against human trafficking.

Nichole Terrett, 32, and Suzanne Lewis-Johnson, friends and colleagues at RAHAB Ministries discuss how their lives brought them into the work against human trafficking, truth & justice and how healthy relationships are one of the most important change-makers for victims...

Fran Curran, Claudia Spaulding, and Dorrie Hunt

Friends and colleagues Claudia Spaulding (65), Fran Curran (74), and Dorrie Hunt (72) share a conversation about the history, mission, and vision of the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, an organization that preserves and teaches the craft of weaving to people...

Patrick Butler and Nancy Duling

One Small Step partners Patrick Butler (71) and Nancy Duling (60) discuss Patrick's military service during the Vietnam War and their reluctance to express their political views in the current divisive climate.

Jim Hill and Jackie Holmes

One Small Step conversation partners Jim Tate Hill (44) and Jackie Holmes (76) talk about their work in community development in Fresno from different approaches in the nonprofit sector and finance.

Ann Britt and Chrissy Britt

Ann Britt (81) talks with her granddaughter, Chrissy Britt (27), about her life growing up in Los Angeles, attending UCLA and later getting her masters degree as a psychotherapist. She talks about her work as the CEO of a nonprofit...

Susan Sheeran and Kristin Davila

Kristin Davila (40) interviews her colleague, Susan Sheeran (79), about her experiences and contributions serving for the nonprofit Merced Housing Texas. They also talk about housing conditions, culture shock, community advocacy, and shared memories of San Antonio, Texas.

Kristin Jackson and Doug Raper

Doug Raper (72) shares a conversation with his daughter Kristin Jackson (41) about his work in radio, the nonprofit he founded, his children and grandchildren, and how he would like to be remembered.

Jill Charmayne Dawkins Henderson and Philbert "PJ" Henderson Jr.

Philbert “PJ” Henderson Jr. (32) interviews his mother, Jill Charmayne Dawkins Henderson (57), about her life experiences and the evolution of The Bakari Foundation. They also talk about the death of Bakari Henderson and the importance of continuing to grow...

Kevin Eason and Al Stubblefield

Friends Kevin Eason (55) and Al Stubblefield (69) share a conversation about how they met, Kevin’s time in the justice system, and their work with Re-entry Alliance Pensacola (REAP).

Larry Abrams and Jim Hardy

Friends and colleagues Larry Abrams (53) and Jim Hardy (44) discuss their nonprofits BookSmiles and Kensington Soccer Club. They consider the importance of serving young people as teachers and through their nonprofits, and reflect on the support they received along...

Growing Up in Chicago

This interview was conducted November 26, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. Natalia Beltran (16) interviewed her mom, Erica Avila (36) about her childhood in Humboldt Park and how living in such a troubled neighborhood shaped her into the woman she is...

Reza Nekumanesh and Linda Gleason

One Small Step conversation partners Reza Nekumanesh (46) and Linda Gleason (63) talk about their work in the Fresno community, interfaith work, and their hopes for Fresno's future.

Avery Palmer and Asher Grilli

Friends and colleagues Avery Palmer (22) and Asher Grilli (34) share a conversation about their work with Florida Wildlife Corridor Coalition, the expedition they did with the organization, and what they learned from their experiences.

Coreen Campos and Cherella Nicholson

One Small Step conversation partners Coreen Campos (34) and Cherella Nicholson (37) talk about the personal experiences that brought them to their work, the importance of self-care in the nonprofit sector, and their hopes for Fresno.

Rita Blank and Barbara Goldstein

Friends and colleagues, Rita Blank (71) and Barbara Goldstein (63), reflect on how being children of Holocaust survivors has affected their lives and perspectives and discuss their work at the Holocaust Education Resource Council.

Mary Lanier and Joanne Low: Education, Leadership, and Family.
September 20, 2022 App Interview

Board of Directors Storytelling Project: Our fifth StoryCorps conversation is between SFV Board Members Joanne Low and Mary Lanier. Both now retired, had careers in leadership positions in education and healthcare. Mary and Joanne share with us stories about getting...