Roger Arzt Story

Roger talked about his adventures of his old life

Ramiro’s childhood life

My childhood was great as I always had a close relationship with my family. I love spending time with them.

Bo Bartlett and Betsy Eby

Spouses Bo Bartlett (65) and Betsy Eby (54) sit down for a conversation about how their respective childhood homes have influenced who they are today, the inspiration behind each of their artistic styles, and the role that the Bo Bartlett...

Memories of Colonial Beach w/ Jessie Davis Hall

First of our "Memories of Colonial Beach" Story Corps Interviews: Jessie Davis Hall (85) has lived in Colonial Beach for 83 years!

Interview with the old folks

This is a brief interview with my maternal grandparents, conducted 30 November 2019 in Laredo, TX. Johnny and Yolanda Villarreal reminisce on days gone by, their regrets, influences, and spread their wisdom onto younger generations. It was a bit of...

Interviewing my grandma!

I asked my maternal grandmother some questions about her childhood and adulthood

Random questions

Ben and I (Julian) talk about someone who inspired Ben. How me and ben met. What he was proud of.

A quarter to play
December 10, 2019 App Interview

How does an entrepreneurial kid make money from video games in the 80s? From Pac-Man to Galaga to Mario Bros, Camilo Echavarria tells his stories of playing video games in the 80s in an interview conducted by his son Gabe...


Sharing thoughts and feelings about life and what it's like to be a sibling. (Originally recorded on November 26, 2018)

Recording – 11-27-2023 19:43:16

I interviewed my dad Chris Toler who is 57 years old. We discussed his childhood, my mom, and his parents.

Granddaughter talks to her PawPaw about his childhood and memories
December 20, 2021 App Interview

This interview is just me and my Pawpaw talking about his life. His regrets, his childhood who he loved what he hoped for and what and how things have changed and how he feel his life was and is now.

The Art of Theatre

In the interview, we talked about childhood and growing up.

Mom Interview

I asked my mom about her early life and asked her about her childhood. I also asked her about what she has encountered and learned throughout her life.

Family Interview: Guadalupe

This interview is interviewed by Emily M. And the person interviewed is my grandma. She talks about her life and memories she's had when she lived in mexico.

Aaron Mcgonnell‘s interview

I interview my friend Aaron who is a recent freshman in college.

Interview with my Mom

We talked about my mothers childhood friends and life growing up as a child. I also added in parts of my childhood too and we recollected and shared our experiences In life that make us who we are