Gary Moore: Thoughts and Experiences during the Cold War Part 2

We discussed Gary’s experiences and beliefs on various events from the Cold War, including the end of Vietnam, the Space Race and Moon Landing, the U.S. Oil Embargo, S.A.L.T., the Iranian Revolution and hostage situation, Soviet-Afghanistan War, and Chernobyl and...

Alexander MacGillivray and Kesha Ram Hinsdale

One Small Step conversation partners Kesha Ram Hinsdale (35) and Alexander MacGillivray (34) share their views on what it means to be an American. They also talk about clean air and water; and environmental equity.

“I think it is important that people learn to trust the science of nuclear energy.” An Interview with Priya Ghosh

Priya Ghosh is an astrophysicist, nuclear engineer, and a postdoctoral researcher at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. There she builds and develops radiation detectors to detect neutrons and gamma rays, and also studies and analyzes cosmic ray data to better...