Charles Smoke and Jerome Shannon

Jerome Shannon (66) and his husband, Charles Smoke (69), sit down for a conversation about moving from Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL, the organizations that they are involved with in Pensacola, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives...

Tyler Beam and Sarah Davis

One Small Step participants Tyler Beam (44) and Sarah Davis (40) discuss their experiences living abroad, what it's like pursuing a second career and master's degree in their forties, their political beliefs, and their spiritual identities.

Michael Ballam, Vanessa Ballam, and Laurie Ballam

Vanessa Ballam (44) shares a conversation with her mother and father, Michael Ballam (71) and Laurie Ballam (73), about their lives in the performing arts and their travels across the world.

Opera Del Sol

Opera Del Sol is taking Opera and making it cool. Opening Opera Wars in Orlando November 24th and 25th at the Abbey.

Steve Desroches and Mark Cortale

Steve Desroches (47) and Mark Cortale (53) discuss Cortale's career as a manager and producer of live entertainment with a focus on his work as the artistic director of the Art House in Provincetown, Massachusetts and as manager for drag...

Cracking Open to Heart-Healing during Our Surrendering Pause.

Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg, poet and author, discusses writing poetry through the pandemic “Our Surrendering Pause; 30 Poems in 30 Days” published by Golden Dragonfly Press-proceeds go to COVID Relief. Also discusses involving underserved Chicago youth to express their deepest selves...

Susan Kelley and Grace Kelley

Susan Kelley (57) sits down with her mother, Grace Kelley (89), to talk about her experience immigrating to the United States from Palestine, to discuss her passions for nursing and music, and to remember members of their family who have...

Sarah Shields and Christopher Shields

Sarah Shields (32) talks with her husband Christopher "Chris" Shields (36) about how they met and decided to build a life together, their passion for their work and making a difference, and what the future might hold.

Patrick McCoy and Kelvin Page

Colleagues Patrick McCoy (41) and Kelvin Page (57) discuss the National Association of Negro Musicians' (NANM) Washington D.C. chapter started by Patrick, representation and diversity in classical music, and those who have influenced their connection to and experience with music.

Brian McCaffrey and Pablo Siqueiros

Brian McCaffrey (64) and his teacher, Pablo Siqueiros (32), talk about the power of music, what inspired them to pursue music, and singing at the Minnesota Opera.

Charles Lynch and Christina Kellogg

Charles Lynch (71) talks to Christina Kellogg (72) about his remarkable life. Born into a big family in Alabama, he was picking cotton by twelve but dreaming of a very different life centered on opera and Jesus Christ.

Steve Desroches and Rod Vaughan

Steve Desroches (47) and Rod Vaughan (50) talk about Vaughan's background in opera performance and blue grass music, particularly as a banjo player, and how that morphed into the unusual band the Electric Milk Machine in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Andre Garcia-Nuthmann and Victoria Evans

Andre Garcia-Nuthmann (62) speaks with his best friend Victoria Evans (65) about how he became involved in music at an early age, how he continued his career by studying in Europe and later back in the US. He also talks...

Robin Reshard and Lloyd Reshard

Spouses, Robin Reshard (56) and Lloyd Reshard (64), sit down for a conversation about how their early relationship unfolded, their similarities and differences, and what they have learned from one another.