Charles Garrison and Zachary Hansford
July 30, 2020 OSS Hub

Zachary "Wolff" Hansford (35) speaks to his One Small Step conversation partner Charles Garrison (33) about serious traumas they both went through at younger ages. Wolff opens up about not being interested in politics until Trump came along and how...

Alexis McClean and Krista Marzewski

One Small Step conversation partners Alexis McClean (68) and Krista Marzewski (53) talk about addiction & recovery; better care for veterans; and how to come together in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.

The Life and Wisdom of Diana Prinz

Diana tells her life story, speaking of family, addiction and recovery, incarceration and reentry, challenges and resilience, and shares words of wisdom gained through hard-fought experience.

Daniel Lawrence and Kim Welsh

One Small Step partners Daniel "Dan" Lawrence (67) and Kim Welsh (61) share a conversation about their upbringings and their concerns about divisiveness in the US. They talk about the opioid epidemic, the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination, and their families.