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Verónica Rojas-Sotelo and Carlos Vazquez

Los esposos Verónica Rojas-Sotelo (30) y Carlos Vazquez (38) comparten una conversación sobre cómo se conocieron, su familia, y sus sueños para sus hijas. [Spouses Verónica Rojas-Sotelo (30) y Carlos Vazquez (38) share a conversation about how they met, their...

My mom and I

In this interview my mom and I discuss what her life has been like in the USA.

Dave Robinson shares his life adventures with his granddaughter

In this interview, taken in November 2017 in Manhattan Beach California, Dom Doumeng interviewed her grandpa Dave about his childhood, job, and family. Dave tells us that he was on a Major League Baseball team and still managed to be...

Felipe Tapia and Cody Mains-Tapia

Felipe Tapia (36) habla con su esposa, Cody Mains-Tapia (28) sobre México, su vida en Los Estados Unidos y su esposa. Felipe Tapia (36) talks with his wife, Cody Mains-Tapia (28) about Mexico, His life in the United States and...