Papa on Thanksgiving 2016

An assignment for school to interview an older person you love.

Mama looks back on the loom business

My great grandmother mama talks about how the family loom got started up, and about her husband David Calvin Kline

My Papa’s Passing (Pt. 2 Heather)

Summary of my papa passing away from my mother’s point of view

My Papa’s Passing (Pt. 3 Patrick)

Summary of my papa passing away through my dads eyes

Talking about Papa

Learning about my papa who passed away when I was 2

Interview with Papa Bien

In this interview with my papa, we go over the life of being in the Navy and living an enjoyable and productive life.

Grandma and Papa Part 1

Grandmas interview and half of Papas interviews

Sociology Final

Interview with my papa on his life in the military

Katherine and Mimi talk about her life and growing up in Tuscumbia

This interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Vestavia, Alabama, Katherine Ratliff (17) interviews her grandmother Deborah about her life as a child in Tuscumbia and about her and her family growing up and settling here in Birmingham.

My Grandma Matty

My grandmother María Elena Gonzales is 90 and lives with us in our home. She’s filled with crazy stories from her lavish childhood and it seemed that she really enjoyed telling them and being able to recall memories about her...

Interview with Papa

Papa is 80 and we wanted to take some time to record some of his memories.

Papa interview

Talked about his life start to now

Abhi Bhagat and his dad Jignesh Bhagat about this life in india

In this interview done on November 2018 in Flint MIchigan Abhi Bhagat (15) interviews this dad Jignesh Bhagat (50) about his life in india. In the interview he talks about how his childhood went and how his lifestyle was in...

Humanities project with papa

This was the interview I did with my grandfather about his life. I was able to talk and learn a lot about his life.

Papa and Alex

Papa talks about childhood.

Sydney Sosa interviews her grandpa about his early life.

Sydney interviews her grandpa about his childhood, family, pervious jobs, and many other things. She is so glad she could have this experience with him to learn more about his life.

Life of my grandmother

In this interview, made on November 25th, 2017 in Harwood, Maryland. I (Dylan Cox) interview my grandmother (Sharon Wollman) about her childhood and how she met my grandfather. My grandmother shares where she had her honeymoon and how she got...

No hay sueños imposibles

Roxana Perez (17) entrevista a mi papá, Alfredo Perez (47). Mi papá cuenta cómo logro estudiar la carrera que siempre había soñado. No importa que tan difícil sea la situación o los obstáculos en el camino, si trabajas duro, te...

Interview with my Nana

i interviewed my nana who is 73 and we had a conversation about her husband (my papa) and her early childhood.

Papa: StoryCorps

Interview with papa (my step-grandfather on my dad’s side) about his life journey and story. (Recorded on zoom)!

Chat with Papa

My papas life in Jamaica, ancestors and coming to USA.