Holly Sargeant and Susan Wells Sargeant

Holly Sargeant: 2021-04-17 18:17:22 On April 17th, 20201, Holly interviews her mother, Sue, for her 67th birthday. Sue talks about her favorite childhood memories on her grandparent's farm in Iowa, her Uncle Hal as one of the biggest influences in...

Mary Jane Rodrigues and her granddaughter Izabella Rodrigues talk about family history and her childhood

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Izabella Rodrigues (15) interviews her grandmother Mary Jane Rodrigues (73) about their family history and her teenage life. Mrs. Rodrigues shares stories about her summers and her jobs as...

Daughter Interviews Mother About A Variety Of Topics

Sierra (daughter) interviews Becky (mother) in Derry, New Hampshire. They talked about goals and bucket lists. They talked about what Becky is most proud of. They talked about passions, memories and weird circumstances. They also talked about the hardships Becky...

Carson Armstrong, Olivia Bonde, and Kaiya Boyd

3 freshmen at UNCA discuss how we would describe ourselves, our passions, what we are grateful for, and who we would interview if given the chance.

My Father’s Mind

Asking my father about his past aspirations and his current view of the world.

Joshua Kim interviews Chang-Soo Han(uncle)

This is a conversation I (Joshua Kim) had with my mom’s brother Chang-Soo Han. In this conversation we talk about his upbringing in Korea, his tough school life, and the love for soccer that pushed him through it. He also...

Billie Sherwood-Bakhshi and Serena DeJesus

Serena DeJesus (30) and her mother, Billie Sherwood-Bakhshi (48), share a conversation about Serena's journey towards becoming an MMA fighter and advocate for athletes with autism.

Use Your Brain and Your Heart: A Conversation Between Atticus and Abigail About your Passions and How to Pursue Them

Atticus Head and Abigail Schlemier are peers in the class of 2025 at UNC Ashville. Prompted by their English class, they discuss their passions in life and how to pursue them in college.

Grandmas Legacy

Grandma talks about family, gardening, and memories. (17:08-21:51)

Marty Watkin and Bernard Artabazon

One Small Step partners Marty Watkin (62) and Bernard Artabazon (56) have a conversation about the ways in which they formed their political beliefs.