Eli Conklin interviews his grandfather, Philip Harrison, about his life in the South and historic events he remembers.

In this interview, conducted in May 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Eli Conklin (17) interviews his grandfather Philip Harrison (67) about his childhood in Garner, North Carolina, and his memories of historic events in the 1960s. Rev. Harrison shares his memories...

Great Thanksgiving Listen with Poppa Aubrey Whitlock

Emma Masterson asks her Poppa Aubrey questions about his life growing up, his memories of his wife, and memories of Seminary and being a Pastor. He’s also asked about his memories of Emma and her mother. He also gives life...

Dioane Gates and Josh Rhoades

One Small Step conversation partners Dioane Gates (44) and Josh Rhoades (35) discuss living abroad, spirituality, family, and their political views.

Steve Hunt and [No Name Given] [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Steve Hunt (54) and [No Name Given] [No Name Given] (18) share a conversation about their faith, interests, and political beliefs.

Brian Thomas and Lori Kleinerman

One Small Step conversation partners Brian Thomas (55) and Lori Kleinerman (64) have a conversation about governmental powers, God's role, and how "there is nothing honorable or glorious about war."

Nicole Unice and Brenda Brown-Grooms

One Small Step conversation partners Nicole Unice (44) and Brenda Brown-Grooms (66) discuss their paths to God and becoming pastors. They speak about issues of inequality and racism in America and how we are at a pivotal moment of opportunity...

William Proctor and Summer Cody

Summer Cody (23) interviews County Commissioner William “Bill” Proctor (62) about his childhood, his family, and his career as a pastor, an adjunct professor of political science at Florida A&M University, and County Commissioner of Leon County.

Janet Richards and Michael Albrecht

One Small Step conversation partners Michael Albrecht (22) and Janet Richards (54) discuss how major health issues have shaped their lives, how their Christian faith is important to each of them, how conflicts within their religious communities have forced them...

Pastor Steve Stells – Founding Pastor of The House of Prayer – Chesterfield, VA

This interview is of myself, Adam Sorondo and Pastor Steve Stells, the founding pastor of The House of Prayer in Chesterfield, VA. The purpose of this interview is for Professor Baxter’s, Intro to Communication class at Wave Leadership College in...

Cynthia Anderson and Barbara Jackson

Dr. Barbara Jackson (51) interviews her best friend, Pastor Cynthia Anderson (57), about being a survivor of domestic violence and what she's learned by surviving the challenges that have come to her in her life.

Bev Baumgartner and Tracey Reed

One Small Step partners Bev Baumgartner (50) and Tracey Reed (47) have a discussion on various social and religious topics, touching on LGBTQ and transgender issues, and their shared experiences with domestic violence.

Hank Hunt and Fran Tilton Shelton

Hank Hunt [no age given] and his longtime friend and colleague Fran Tilton Shelton (64) discuss the loss of Fran's husband Bob to Alzheimer's. They discuss Bob's work as a pastor and being beloved by his community.

Interview with Mike Calvin a pastor

An interview with Mike Calvin and Lewis Calvin relation grand Parent and grandchild

Mike Wemmer and Patrick Roberts

One Small Step partners Mike Wemmer (78) and Patrick Roberts (58) sit down for a conversation about changing how we see those with different political views.

Building Bridges with Mr. Dumpys

Mr. Dumpys telling me about his life story, how Faith played a role in his life, his job and volunteer work, his school stories and lessons, and his influences.

Interview with Corey Tipton

Talk with Corey about life growing up in Milwaukee and pursuing pastoral ministry at MLC.

Jonah Holm and John Holm

Jonah Holm (27) and their father, John Holm (56), talk about their relationship growing and changing through Jonah's struggle with suicide and addiction. Jonah talks about being inspired by John and deciding to give their life to God as a...

My Father the Pastor

I, Elandra Freeze, interview my father about his spiritual journey that lead him to where he is now and what he hopes to do in the future.