Katharine Harris and Diane Twedell

Katharine Harris (65) talks with Diane Twedell (55) about her experiences in nursing and leadership, and shares stories of notable experiences that have shaped her managerial style and her relationships with patients.

Nursing Major

We talked about the experience that she had as a nurse over the years.

Deanna Beyer and Carlie Arbaugh

Carlie Arbaugh (32) talks with her conversation partner Deanna Beyer (37) about her experience as a general surgery resident living with a rare diagnosis that has caused hearing impairment. Carlie shares how her personal experience undergoing has influenced the way...

Linn Bartram and Dicki Franklin

Dicki Franklin (71) and her friend and former colleague Linn Bartram (65) discuss their many years of friendship, their careers in nursing and working together in Home Health Care.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about what my dad likes about his job and what he doesn’t like about his job. We also talked about what my dad does in his job.

Robert Carolla and Margaret Carolla

Dr. Robert Carolla (79) speaks with his wife, Margaret Carolla (79), about how the early loss of his younger brother inspired his practice of writing personalized letters to the families of his patients who have passed away while he was...

Soren Glassing and Fran Heller

Colleagues and friends Soren Glassing (57) and Fran Heller (64) talk about the experience of working together in a hospital palliative care unit throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They reflect on unpreparedness, grief, healing, and the therapeutic power of art.

Kimberly Olvera and Dianne Chavez

Two caregivers share their perspectives on their work in home healthcare and the insurance process Serendipity brought Kimberly to Providence. For Dianne, her grandmothers' health journey led her to want to work in healthcare so she could make a difference...

Chenita Carter and Madison Como Holmes

Chenita Carter (41) interviews her colleague Madison Como Holmes (29) about her experiences as a pharmacist and educator.

Nizar Tannir and Pavlos Msaouel

Pavlos Msaouel (37) interviews his mentor, Nizar Tannir (65), about their work with rare cancers and what inspires their work.

Micheael Quintana & Kerry Hearns-Smith

Micheael & Kerry shared their story about meeting one another through the Walk A Mile program at Providence. Micheael, works in finance and Kerry shadowed her for a day to get a better understanding of Micheael's work and how she...

Yasuharu Okuda and Phillip Wortham

Colleagues Yasuharu "Haru" Okuda (49) and Phillip Wortham (39) share the experiences that led them to undertake careers in medical simulation and explain the importance of simulated medical practice for reducing patient harm and loss of life.

The Wise Words of Doctor Stuerman

This interview is between my grandfather and I. He talks about his childhood experiences and his work as a doctor. He gives multiple good life lessons and his take on the world. He also adds comedy to his meaningful stories...

Stephen Nutik and Jessica Nutik Zitter

Jessica Nutik Zitter (48) interviews her father, Stephen Nutik (74), about his career as a neurosurgeon. Jessica asks him about what he's enjoyed most about his career, his experiences with interacting with patients, how he handles delivering bad news, and...

Interviewing my wonderful father

This interview included jersey fleming(14) and jeff fleming(41). This was filmed on September 27,2022 in Granville, Iowa. They talked about important things in jeff’s life and what led him up to where he is right now.

Stories from Vi Peterson

I talked with my grandma mainly about her childhood and the past.

Brooke Perugino and Eileen Wenckus Life during the Covid -19 pandemic.

Eileen Wenckus: 2020-09-25 17:37:32 interviews her niece about her first job in healthcare, which is at a hospital. Only one year working there and she found herself in the midst of the Covid -19 pandemic. Brooke loves her job and...

Moms interview

We talked about the life of being a parent and as a person in general.

Papa’s interview part 2- McKuen English

My papa told me about his childhood, about the happy times and the sad ones. He told me some important lessons he learned in life and so much more.