Andrew Cook, Karen Cook, and Michelle Haney

Andrew Cook (22), his mother Karen Cook (64), and Andrew's teacher Dr. Michelle Haney (50) talks about their relationships to each other, Andrew's self-advocacy and self-determination, access to education and opportunities for people with disabilities, and Andrew's future goals.

Jasmine Coates and Candace Coleman

Jasmine Coates (32) is interviewed by her colleague Candace Coleman (34) about her experience as a Black independent woman with disabilities, and her journey becoming an advocate for others.

Lezlie Frye and Martina Bianchi Frye: Celebrating (Non-Binary) Parents Day

Lezlie Frye: 2020-05-10 17:54:31 Lezlie Frye (41) talks with her mother, Martina Bianchi Frye (77) about motherhood, having a disabled child, being a disabled adult, and the joys and sorrows of parenting.

COVID-19's Impact on the Role of Direct Support Professionals in Rhode Island

COVID-19 has brought a sudden, drastic change to life as we know it, especially for the individuals supported by one Rhode Island human services agency, Perspectives Corporation. Site Supervisor Gabrielle Rossi (21) talks with Social Media Coordinator Sara Porcaro (22)...

Candace Cable and Erin Popovich

Candace Cable (65) speaks to her fellow United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee Hall of Fame classmate Erin Popovich (34) about their experiences competing in the Paralympic Games, and the fight for equity and equality in their sports.