PLP English 2 Narrative

This interviewing my Harmony which is my Korean grandmother and how she felt, reacted, and what she experienced when she first came to America over a FaceTime call.

Joanna Fix and Forrest Fix

Joanna Fix (54) and her husband Forrest Fix (66) come together to reflect on Joanna's experience living with early-onset Alzheimer's, their love and support for one another, and their dedication to "living well."

Welcome to America
January 11, 2023 App Interview

Welcome to America is a interview about how a kid named Sem came to America and he learned to move and fit in with outside crowds.

My brother

My brother and I discussed a lot about my brothers struggle with drug addiction.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Discussed the life of my mother and how she’s lived her life.

Toya Williams and May Moe Tun

May Moe Tun (22) interviews her friend and colleague, Toya Williams (49), about her relationship with cooking, something she learned from her mother growing up. Toya also describes her journey navigating health and disability while reflecting on the importance of...

Interview with Patsy Richardson on April 11, 2021

In this interview, I learned about the biggest influence in my grandmother’s life. Also, I learned about her forever favorite memory.

To: The Future. From: Gampas (Grandpa) and Alex, with love.

Making history by spending time with and gaining wisdom from my Grandpa around Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful for all the good things and people.

Narrative 2.14

I interviewed Cathy Reed about her journey to the US and what it was like after she moved here.

Interview for AP World History

Layla Abdo (15yrs old granddaughter) and Ibrahim Jalal (grandfather). Interview about Ibrahim Jalal’s life and the lessons he has learned.

Charlie Lane and his mom Tracy Lane talk about Tracy’s life and what it was like growing up.

On February 3rd 2021, Charlie lane and Tracy lane talk about Tracy’s life growing up in Beaver PA with her family, and also about some of the most important things Tracy’s has done and has learned throughout her life.

Gita Baker mercy is everything

Life is always good at the start, but as time goes by the world changes and situations arise. The faith of one woman got her through those troubling times.

Thanksgiving Listening
November 29, 2021 App Interview

I asked my mom questions regarding her life and people who revolve around her

Son and mother’s discussion of sisters disability.

Jordan Krueger (16) talks to suzie Munoz (38) tall about the adventure of coping and raising my little sister angelica who has autism and a muscle disorder.

Rosemary Closson and Frances Landrum: If it were not for the Baha'i Faith we never would have known each other.

Rosemary Closson: 2020-07-30 15:17:43 Rosemary Closson (74) and Frances Landrum (76) friends for 36 years talk about Frances' journey from high school drop-out to talented ESOL teacher. Both realized that given their stations in life they wouldn't have known one...

Central Park East interview

This interview is about what my moms favorite tradition and festival to celebrate and how it helps her cope and move on from both her father and older brothers death. I didn’t know that it helped her so I was...

StoryCorps Interview

Fernando arrived from Mexico when he was about to turn 10 years old. It was a challenge for him to adapt to a completely new lifestyle here in the United States. He eventually was able to learn English and he...

Morals behind the Memories

“The Germans shot my father, shot my sister, she was twelve years old.” On November 28, 2019 in Studio City, California, Andrew Yotnegparian sat down with his grandfather, Maurice Yotnegparian, to learn about the struggles he faced in his life...

A conversation with Mom

Mom talked about what life was like growing up as well as family memories. And a funny bit about southern names.

"Madison Lashley and Leah Lashley"

Madison ask questions about how Leah persevered in order to complete her gold award and help kids get their dental care they need.

The chat

I discussed with my Mom mostly of her lessons in life, and memories with me and other people she cares about.