Relationship interview with Takquan

A interview with one of my roommates about his interactions and experiences with relationships

Storytelling Assignment

Interview with my mother for a college course in Introduction to Speech Communication.

Personal Narrative Interview

Our teacher, Ms.Kosover assigned us to interview our partner and ask about the topic, they chose for their personal narrative and other questions.

Becoming a helping hand!

In this interview I asked my sister questions on her experience in working in UCLA hospital and how she got there.

Mom’s Story

This interview was about a conversation between me and my mom about her past and present experiences.

interviewing my grandparents

My grandparents tell me about 911, the first man walking on the moon, and important memories in their life.

Autoethnographic Podcast

In this podcast, Jessalyn talks about her experience in COVID-19. She explains the way that the pandemic had helped change her for the better through a story about Jessvolleyball.

Interview w/Taylor

Talked about his life and his views on certain aspects in his life.

Hannah & Hope Yoder

In this interview I discuss my mom’s industry and life lessons learned along the way.

Interview #4

Talked about how he wasn’t sure what type of job his life would lead him into.

Kasi and Melanie bonding

Kasi and Melanie talk about themselves and how life is. Kasi asks Melanie about herself to get to know her further and they talk about experiences. They share thoughts and opinions about things.

College comp

We discussed Matthews personal life, his plans for the future and his academic career.

Jordan Aplon and Kenneth Aplon

My Dad told me about his family growing up and how he wished we were raised differently. Then he asked me things he wanted to know about me.

Interview with my Mother

I ask her questions to get to know more about her.

StoryCorps Interview 3.3

Kevin and I covered a variety of subjects from life, regrets and religion.

interview with my mom

I want to be with my mom about her life and how being a parent changed her life