Growing up as Americans of Indian descent and the impact of a Competetive High School

This interview was between myself, Charvi (18F), and my boyfriend, Rishi Salwi (18M). We discussed what it is like to grow up in America as Indian people and talked about how High Tech has shaped our lives.

Peer Interview with Nathan Chen

Marcus Mata talks to Nathan Chen about life during quarantine, school friendships, and shared interest.

Service Learning Project

Jaclyn Dang (16) talks with her uncle, Hoang Dang (35) about his childhood, inspirations, and the current pandemic.

Cassie interviews Nick on what it's like being Transgender in the Twin Cities and attending the public high school.

I met Nick on the third day of Kindergarten. He was my best friend until he moved at the end of 8th grade. That same year, Nick came out publicly as Transgender. Nick continues to be very open about discussing...

Covid-19 interview with Olivia Gutierrez for archive

Olivia (20) talks to younger sister , Helena (14), about her experiences with covid-19 as a dental assistant working in healthcare

Leigha Smith Podcast Interview

Interview with an adolescent expert about the struggles children from different cultures face when adapting to a new environment.

Media Perspective & Discrepancies around the World – Damian Mayaki and Jaime Mayaki

I am Damian Mayaki and I interviewed my father about his media experiences throughout his life, and his experience with it in different parts of the world he has lived in.

Cloud Migration Services

IT Services, Web and Software Development Company Website-

Susan Dakorson Addresses The Sad Fact of What It's Like For A Young African American Girl Dealing With The Ideal Hair Standard In America.

I interviewed 21-year-old Susan Dakorson who also goes by Susie, a close friend of mine, of what it was like growing up in America dealing with and breaking the ideal Hair standard in American society for African American women. Susie...