Stories of my grandma ‘s childhood

Friends of 30 years (cont.)
November 23, 2017 App Interview

Jackie and Peggy friends for over 30 years talk about how they met and what it was like for Jackie growing up in America.

Moniquita La Mas Bonita Coming To America
October 13, 2022 App Interview

Interviewed my best friend and my coworker about her experience coming to America.

Me elhers Storycorp interview

Past life in Peru, experience coming to the U.S.

Stefany and her mom talk about her life and how she became who she is today.

My mom and I talk about how she grew up and how she tried her best to raise us better than she was raised. She also provided me with some advice for my life and lessons she learned that she...

Friends of 30 years
November 26, 2017 App Interview

Best friends meet and discuss the different place they came from and how they’ve stayed friends for 30 years.

Diana Slaughter by John Slaughter

The early life of Diana Slaughter, including its effect on her later life.

Immigration Stories Italy: Juan

Juan is immigrated to Italy from Peru for a better life. Juan lives in Pioltello just outside of Milan. Juan paints a beautiful picture of growing up in Peru and being surrounded by his many sisters. Juan tells about his...


Diego came to Durham, NC from Peru as a 15 year old. After taking a feminist studies class and reading It Gets Better he comes out to his family.

In a Foreign Place

27 year old Peruvian immigrant talks about his life as an illegal immigrant, falling in love, and becoming a high school history teacher.

Role model

I interviewed my mom.She is a role model to me because she’s always providing for us no matter what comes across her.

Bowen’s Mission interview

I asked Bowen about how he is doing on his mission right now and also about his childhood and future.

Ariana and Mamama

n this interview, conducted on November 25 2018 in Santa Monica, California, Ariana Mousavi (13) interviews her grandma, Lourdes (Lula) Badkoubei about her childhood and growing up in Arequipa, Peru. She had hobbies like hanging out with siblings, camping and...

Carlo & Peru

Carlo Chunga describing his experiences growing up in Peru before moving to the United States.

An interview with Abuelo

I interviewed my grandfather who immigrated to the U.S. from Peru for my school project.

Fernando soto and his father Carlos soto talk about life before he was a father

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in island park, New York, Fernando soto (16) interviews his father about his life before he was a father. Carlos (52) shares his life and about his parents to. He also talks about...

Life in Peru

I am Christopher Campo, and I interviewed my mom Jenny Montano. I am 13 years old and she is 47 years old. I liked this interview because it's always nice to know more of her story before I was born....