The Weight of Religion and Philosophy

My mom and I sit down to discuss the very abstract idea of religion, philosophy, and its prominence in its life while I attempt to grapple with at least some understanding of it all.

Identity & Meaning

A human talking about why they were placed here today

Life lessons with possehl.

Discovering things and learning life lessons with my astronomy teacher at bentonville west.

Don Rain and Karen Scullion

Karen Scullion [no age given] interviews her father Don Rain (82) about how he keeps lists for most things in his life, and how that has led to his post-career accomplishments, particularly in the area of travel.

Interviewing Grandmother
November 23, 2017 App Interview

My grandmother a Jewish refugee of the holocaust and a successful writer is interviewed

Liam Donovan McGee

This is a message to my 3 year old son, Liam. I wanted him to hear my voice and hear my thoughts on life in case something ever happened to me and I wasn’t able to have these conversations in...

Happiness, Leadership, and Life

Ongoing discussion of the vital aspect of life, key indicators of successful leadership, and what leads to fulfillment over The number ending pursuit of pleasure.

Malik and Iggy Talk About The Death of Humanity

Malik and Iggy ramble about various topics from who God is to about what they regret most. In Malik's room they receive high quality acoustics of the average Spanish household.

Bryan Yee and Brandon Dennis

Bryan Yee (38) speaks with his One Small Step conversation partner Brandon "Wes" Dennis (38) about their introduction to politics, Black Lives Matter, the Second Amendment, and their hopes for the 2020 election.

Mr. Mark Charipar

Mr. Menard and myself (Mark Charipar) met weekly over 2 months. We discussed a number of topics including the importance of culture and place on a persons perspective.

Roommates Talk About Life

As roommates and Virginia Tech and high school friends, Blake and I talk about life, the future, and our experiences up to this point.

Philosophy Beyond Academia

Being a philosophy major at SNC has enabled Frank to make a more authentic and fulfilling career choice.

BCC: take 2

I interview 2 people who helped me adjust to college and ask them about who shaped the way they think and how they see the world.

Spicing up life

Suburban childhood to journeying and serving around the country to studying, Air Force ROTC, and being a part time superhero.

Dani & Kevin talk about their parents

We talk about the personal histories of our parents and what type of people we’ve become because of them.

On the Topic of Love

Interviewing my mother about the concept of love, and her opinions on the importance of it, as well as the philosophy surrounding it.

Philosophy and music

Interview with Makayla Adam and Mo.St from Jacksonville Florida about the intersection between music and philosophy.

Rohan Ghosh and his grandma Dr. Deepali Dutta talk about the culture and religion in India.

In this interview, conducted on November 22, 2017, Rohan Ghosh (13) interviews his grandma Deepali Dutta about growing up in India. Deepali shares her culture and the effect some of her professors have had on her. Also, she talks about...