Mama Memories

A mother is someone who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else. In November of 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, 15 year old...

APUSH-mom interview

I asked my mother about 9/11 and her original thoughts about what had happened. She told me about where she was when she heard that it happened along with about how she felt afterwards.

James Preisen Aviation Journey

I interviewed my Grandpa James about his experience with planes. He talks about him buying his first plane and flying it.

“So I threw myself down on the floor”

My grandfather talks about his life in New York. From crazy taxi drivers to black ice. He also talks about his life with his daughters in New York, and the worst turbulence he has ever experienced. He also talks about...

Oscar Sanchez – Airports before and after 9/11

Oscar Sanchez, my uncle from Mexico travelled 1-3 times a month to the United States (including New York) in 2001. He discusses his experience in airports before and after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. (Interview recorded through a call)

Apush interview

I asked my father about his life as a child and as a college student. He has changed greatly but has also experienced many different things from getting a car from someone's back yard to me putting my finger in...

Neil Rambana and Elizabeth Ricci

Spouses, Neil Rambana (52) and Elizabeth Ricci (46), reflect on the role “the American Dream” has played in their lives, discuss the work they do as immigration attorneys, and look forward to their daughters’ future.

Earl Bennett talks about life going up in East Brunswick New Jersey

Morgan Dew(13) and Earl Bennett (76) Sat down and talked about life as a child and his childhood. Also about his time in the military during The Vietnam War

Where Towers Once Stood

Two beautiful buildings that seemed impossible to be taken down collapsed on September 11, 2001. Aden Strong interviewed his father, Craig Strong, on January 9, 2019 in Los Angeles California. 9/11 was the day two planes were hijacked in New...

Ryan Morse

We learn about Ryan's interests after Highschool and how he will manage them.

Dad interview about COVID-19

An interview with my father about how COVID-19 has affected the airline industry.