His Political Affiliation

Dylan Anders speaks his mind about his political history and what he has learned over his lifetime.

Family interview assignment

This interview is an assignment for government. I talk to my aunt about her political views.

University of Maryland: Activation Academy

We discussed Munroe’s life and what led him to College Park and why he decided to run for public office.

Grammys podcast

Senior-to-senior interview for AP Government

Talking with Grandma

Interviewing Grandma Terry on some random questions

From East Germany With Love

I interview my mother about her experience raising her younger siblings after her parents were imprisoned by the East German government. This is a story of strength, perseverance, and overcoming extreme adversity while remaining true to her family and herself.

“How were women treated when you were growing up?”

I had a discussion with my 68 year old grandmother about what it was like growing up in an time where women were not thought as equals to men.

Interviewing my mother

Politics, current issues, past issues, and how they all intertwine.

Interview homework

Some questions from this App. Them about the politics and the government

All About My Grandmother.

In this recording I learn quite a few things about my grandmothers childhood, political views, and life lessons. She shares information about her family before my her kids and also looks upon her achievements in life.

Interview with Ms.Neaustadter

In this interview, conducted In March 2019 in Cleveland High School

Interview with Dr. Tom Burns 2
December 1, 2018 App Interview

We continue on gun control, and dabble into the politics of Trump

My cousin Shreya and I discuss her view of politics and how she informed herself

In this interview, conducted in NJ, with my cousin Shreya, we discuss her views on the 2020 election in the USA. She expresses her concerns on the class divide that is present among US citizens because of the lack of...

Hollobaugh Thanksgiving Listen

Maggie Hollobaugh interviews her mother (Joyce Hollobaugh) about what her life has been like up until 2019. Joyce remembers her certain aspects of her childhood like what she did for fun and where she went to school and what it...

After 1968.

I interviewed my mom and dad about the overall issues and situations that went on in there lifetime after 1968.