Political parties and voting

We talked about political parties and how they divide and unite us as a country and things he looks for when he is voting and also what political party he thinks is best.

Interview project

This interview is about political agreements and how they grew up

Family interview assignment

This interview is an assignment for government. I talk to my aunt about her political views.

Race, ethnicity, and politics: why they matter

An interview with my roommate, Amanda, where we discuss various topics related to race and politics, and why they matter

Michael Lividini interviews Elise Jones and talk life experiences, weddings, and growing up.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017, Michael Lividini (15) interviews his grandmother Elise Jones (68) in Fort Worth, Texas. They talk about growing up, Jones’ wedding, politics, and jobs that she had in the past. At the conclusion of...

The great thanksgiving listen with mom

I got to talk to my mom about her political views. I also got to talk to her about growing up and college. Her name is Rachel coyle and mine is Madeline and we filmed in EHT NJ over thanksgiving.

Mike Cornachione and Julie Duersch
December 17, 2019 OSS Hub

One Small Step participants Mike Cornachione (66) and Julie Duersch (49) talk about their backgrounds and beliefs.

Interview with Katy Whitson(mom)

I interviewed my mom and we discussed some of her favorite childhood memories along with important lessons she has learned throughout her life. I also asked her about historical events that occurred during her childhood and the affect that those...