The one I have to do for Class

Myself and Melissa discuss politics, life, and upbringings

Thanksgiving extra credit

I talked to my dad about his political journey along with his journey through life and how he’s developed as a person.

The Power of Family to an Uncle’s Identity- Alexander Tan

Alexander Tan, a student of Francis Lewis High School, interviews his uncle, Matthew Goldberg: a writer and a father. They talk about how family has shaped Matt’s identity and other topics such as politics and how having pets affects identity...

Getting to know Gavin

Gavin is a friend of a few months who I decided to interview in Ofer to get to know him better. We have a conversation to get to know who gavin is as a person.

Impressions On How Life Has Changed For The American

This interview conducted in Niskayuna, New York in December 2017, by Matthew Chao (16) interviewing his grandfather John Dowley (74) about his time growing up and his family. Dowley shares how his family influenced his life and initiated changes in...

How Does Social Media and Politics Connect?

Marta Locklear interviews Peyton Cass, a political science major, about how social media can affect politics to learn more about this subject.

Political Socialization

In this interview, we talked about life growing up and how it affected us gowing into the future. We wanted to know how relationships in high school could, in turn, affect the outcome of who we are and what we...

World views and lifestory with Moníca Mora

An interview with Monica Mora (in Spanish) discussing her favorite memories here in the United States, her aspirations in life and her thoughts on today’s controversial topics.

The Great Thanksgiving listen

In this interview I talk to my dad about his marriage, job life, even picked his brain about his thoughts on politcs.

A Window Into the Thoughts of Renesha Walton

In this interview my mother and I talk about her childhood years as well as an important person in her life who’s lived through five generations. It’s a comedic interview, with very real answers.

Family interview their opinions they have about politics
August 12, 2018 App Interview

I ask my mom what were her beliefs she has about the government and politics and what cause her to have does beliefs.

David and Pedro’s interview

My dad talked about his family and his political views on Mexico and The United States

Story corps family interview

My mom believes the government should help the people by providing jobs and security.

Monkey coconut

We speak with Coral Castillo, fashion designer extraordinaire, about a range of topics

English Interview Project Owen Mueller

This is an inter view with my mother, Colleen Mueller, about my grandfather, Phil Rock, who was the State Senate President for 22 years

Great Thanksgiving Listen with Jim and Liam McCarthy

Liam and Jim McCarthy talk about Jim’s life. They talk about his childhood life and beyond. Around the five minute mark they talk about how he got discharged from vietmam, and around the end they talk about his love for...

Global Arizona with Lyes Garidi

Lyes, a French-American, gives his opinion on current events in the United States today as well as contrasting them with his history in France

How Iranians’ perception of the US have evolved since 10 months ago ? ( this interview is in Farsi)

Two Iranians, a PhD student and an engineer, reflect on how their views of the US have changed in the light of recent policy changes in US-Iran relations.

Mom’s life!

Talked about my mother's childhood and what the people in her life meant to her. She talked about how she looks at her life and how its progressed.