Navigating Marie's Life: Family, Politics, and Regrets

In this interview, Marie and I discuss topics pertaining to family & relationships, politics, climate change, money & happiness, and the ignorance surrounding large-scale suffering in third world countries. She shares her unique perspectives on these topics and comments on...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview: My Roommate describes herself and her life in a Nutshell

In this interview conducted over Thanksgiving 2018 in Plymouth, New Hampshire, Lucy Thatcher (20) interviews her roommate and best friend Kaitlyn Robicheau Hall (18) about her life, random facts, hopes and future. Miss Robicheau Hall shares her stories from growing...

Interview with Thomas Newman Jacobs Jr. about the state of U.S. politics before and after Trump

Interview with Thomas Newman Jacobs Jr. about the state of U.S. politics before and after Trump

I interview my mother about her family relationships, life choices, and pure circumstances that led her to this point in her life.

From a difficult childhood to a tenuous relationship with her parents, Tanvi Neill walks us through the formative years of her life. She provides perspective on how politics have changed overtime along with the demands placed on younger generations. More...

S01: Ep01: A Picture’s Worth: Running for Our Future. Meet Vanessa Enoch, candidate for US Congress in Ohio’s 8th District in November 2018.

In the middle of a parking lot on the outskirts of downtown Cincinnati, officials, reporters and people just forced from living in an outdoor camp nearby all have more questions than answers. Can one quiet conversation make a difference? Welcome...

The Impact of Barack Obama (Edited)

I interview my father about the election of Barack Obama and other political topics.

Education Barrier

Levi, Luis, Emily and Gloria

Politics: Role of Social Media, Polarization, and More

In this interview, I discussed with my dad the nature of politics and the intricacies of the two-party system in the United States.

Voting Barrier: Apathy
October 26, 2018 App Interview

One of the major barriers to voting is apathy. Apathy is the lack of interest, enthusiasm, and concern for something. In this podcast, we explore the reasons why people feel apathetic towards the voting process.