Ben and Nick Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Ben(21) talks with Nick(21) about his hometown of Durand and what things have been going on in his community to combat climate change and how Michigan may change/adapt in the future.

Laurel and Stephanie discuss Climate Emergency Preparedness.

We're talking in Stephanie's apartment about preparedness stories the Saturday after U-M announcements regarding COVID-19. What can we learn from our relatives and previous experience? What privileges do we have because of our socioeconomic status?

Matilda and Patty discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Matilda Kreider (22) talks to her mom Patricia Kahlbaugh (58) about living in a house on the Long Island Sound that is frequently hit by hurricanes and will be made uninhabitable by sea level rise in the coming decades. Potential...

Surviving two historic Vermont floods

Patrick and Alison McHugh are a married couple, are both 43 years-old, and are both lifelong residents of Vermont. They discuss their experience surviving two historic floods - the first being hurricane Irene in 2011, and the second being the...

Alex and Krystal Talk About Climate Preparedness

Alex (19) and her older sister's friend Krystal (24) talk about what Krystal imagines climate change preparedness to look like, how her community and her have prepared for it, and what she encourages others to keep in mind when talking...

Catriona and Paige discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Catriona and Paige talk about building neighborhood connections and relationships in the face of climate emergency events.