Interview with Becca

In this interview we chatted about growing up and school life!

Emily Wenger talks to Haley Warner about her life then and now.

In this interview, recorded on November 26, 2018, Emily Wenger and Haley Warner talk about Haley’s life then and now. During this interview Emily questions her youth pastor about many things. These include, her life as a child, her biggest...

Interview With Christopher Lofaro

Chris talked mostly about his youth and childhood, as well as about his family.

Getting to know my Mom

Me and my mom talked about life. I got to hear some things she’s never told me before and I got to get to know her better. This interview was really important to me because me and my mom don’t...

Steven Milner

Steven Milner looks back on his grandfathwr’s stories, his high school dances, freshman year of college, and outdoor school.

Interviewing my sister

I just asked my older sister various questions from all the categories. I wanted the interview to be as spread out as possible without getting off track.

Interview with E’Leasa Hall

This is a interview with my mom about her childhood, my childhood, and her advice.

Foxy November 2017

Diana tells me about some of her favorite childhood and work memories.

Don't smoke, don't drink – a conversation with Grandpa Dave

Zack Zappone and his Grandpa Dave King sneak away during halftime of the football game to record a conversation about what life was like growing up in Spokane in the 1950s