The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I learned about my moms childhood and who and what has impacted her life. I also was told about myself as a child and what I did.


We overviewed certain parts of my father’s life and beliefs as a person.

The Great Proposal

In 1999, my dad took my mother up to Oregon for the week. Little did she know, she would return engaged!

Georgia Maeshima and Norman Maeshima

Georgia Maeshima (51), shares along with husband Norman Maeshima (56), the story of their engagement and all the twists and turns of it.

Grandmas story

grandma (65)tells me (16)about her life as she’s grown up.

Mom Interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I asked my mom about some of the most important times in her life.

Mom A interview #vhrebeledge #greatlisten2017Al

We talked about many thing and people that influenced my mom’s life. We talked about her childhood and parents’ affects on her life.

Grandparents Courtship in the 60’s

Pete and Jewell tell the story of their proposal, marriage, and military deployment in the 60’s

Brian Hattaway’s Marriage Proposal

Brian describes the crazy course of events that led up to his marriage proposal.

Kennedy Altomare conducted The Great Thanksgiving Listen with her parents, Sheila and Phil Altomare, asking about marriage, family, and love

In this interview conducted in November 2021 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Kennedy Altomare (16), a student attending Egg Harbor Township High School, interviews her parents, Sheila (52) and Philip Altomare (52). She asks her parents many questions about...

Mom and Dad’s Lovestory

I talked to my parents about how they met, the way that my dad proposed, and what they love most about each other.

Krista Hirschmann and Kevin Rodowicz

Krista Hirschmann, 36, was interviewed by her husband, Kevin Rodowicz, 37. Krista told the story of the beginning of their “courtship” at college which Kevin initiated as a four-month mystery to be solved by Krista. They also talked about their...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Sima and his grandma, Irene, talk about Irene’s life the morning after a long day of hosting a 50 person Thanksgiving Day party

50th Wedding Anniversary: Where it all began

My Persian grandfather and Scottish grandmother tell the story of how they met so many years ago. All 11 grandkids and our parents sat around a table in Napa listening to the story of how our family began.

Me- A few stories

A few thoughts about myself inspired by questions

“31 Years of Marriage”

Alena (16) interviews her father Vince (54) about how marriage and parenting changed the course of his life. They talk about making choices that effect life long term and their thoughts on how they are living their lives today.

Celebrating 21 years: Love, COVID and Cancer
February 20, 2021 App Interview

We discussed the beginning of our relationship 21 years ago and where we have come since then, including since Will's diagnosis of level 4 glioblastoma 13 months ago.

Aunt Gill

We had talked about how Gill and Nate has met, how he proposed, about Maya, and some childhood stories.