Karla Durán Palazuelos and Iohann Rashi Vega

Karla Durán Palazuelos (37) y su amigo Iohann Rashi Vega (37) conversan acerca de las creencias de Karla, sus experiencias como voluntaria, y sobre su tienda de mercado justo. [Karla Durán Palazuelos (37) and her friend Iohann Rashi Vega (37)...

From Cataluña to Icaria

Interview between Julia Guerrero Reed and her father Roger Reed about their Montaldo ancestors, who were part of the Icarian utopian socialist commune in Illinois and Iowa in the mid-1800’s.

Dad’s Trip to Spain

A brief conversation about a 6 month long trip to Spain that my father took in college.

Celebrating 21 years: Love, COVID and Cancer
February 20, 2021 App Interview

We discussed the beginning of our relationship 21 years ago and where we have come since then, including since Will's diagnosis of level 4 glioblastoma 13 months ago.

Alejandra Picón’s experience in the United States.

October 6th, 2018. I interview Alejandra Picón about her experience in the United States. Alejandra lives in Spain and spent last year with me and my family in North Carolina.

A Trip To Spain

In this interview I ask my mom about her time traveling abroad in Spain. She went during a pretty tumultuous time in Europe

Spanish Culture

Teresa Echave talking about her home country

Global Studies Project Interview with Victor

I interviewed Victor about coming from Spain to Seattle. I also asked some questions about soccer.

Interviewing my Grandma

In this interview, I talk with my Grandmother, Arminda (Age 75), about her life. We talk about her childhood and her hometown. As well as a bit about her family, who's father's side came from Spain and her relationship with...

Early Water Experiences in Bath, U.K.

Alex Brown talked with Mateo Scoggins about their early water experiences.

History US II

My mom explains her childhood and how her parents met in the DR after her father left Spain because of its bad positions in war

A Year Abroad in Spain
March 5, 2021 App Interview

A conversation with Will Worsnopp about his study abroad experience in Malaga, Spain (2000-2001)