Daniel Savage and Jaime Barry

Daniel "Dan" Savage (33) talks with his friend Jaime Rapaport Barry about his military service, the experience of transitioning to civilian life, attending grad school, and about his career path working with other veterans.

Rose Krasnow shares stories of her work shaping public policy in the places she has lived.

At a time when very few women were taken seriously as public policy professionals, Rose Krasnow broke new ground in suburban Washington, D.C. A native of Memphis, Rose earned a graduate degree in urban and regional planning while she and...

Donna McClure and Robert Vaughn

One Small Step conversation partners Donna McClure (58) and Robert Vaughn (70) discuss political systems like capitalism, crypto-currency, and economics and public policy. They consider starting a "common sense" party together.

Maria Elena Giner and Adriana Resendez

Colegas y amigas Maria Elena Giner (55) y Adriana Resendez (57) reflexionan sobre sus experiencias compartidas como madres trabajadoras, mujeres en ciencias, tecnología, ingeniería, y matemáticas, y su trabajo a la Comisión Internacional de Límites y Aguas.. [Colleagues and friends...

Hannah Gimpel and Jonathan Motl

Hannah Gimpel (33) interviews her father, Jonathan "Jon" Motl (72), about his influential work in public policy and service in Montana.

Leigh Farmer and Craig DiSesa

One Small Step conversation partners Leigh Farmer (42) and Craig DiSesa (61) discuss how their beliefs have made them different from their friends and family as well as the impact of mental health and wellness on public policy and community.

Lee Harper and Norma Dobbins

[Recorded Wednesday, April 27, 2022] Lee Harper (59) and Norma Dobbins (67) recorded a conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They talked about their political narratives, families, and reflected on the influential people in their life. They touch on categorization, ignorance, motherhood,...

Dana Farmer and Rob Nixon

Friends Dana Farmer (68) and Rob Nixon (70) talk about their friendship, the AIDS epidemic, and their advocacy work for the LGBTQ community.