Brian C. Lorio and Christian Campbell

Brian, a lecturer at Borough of Manhattan Community College, and Christian, a (now) former student, reflect upon their experiences in public speaking class as well as the college experience. Brian reflects with Christian about his growth as a person and...

Deborah Ranniger and Virginia Lora

Deborah Ranniger (58) talks to SC Facilitator Virginia Lora (26) about her dad Leonard Cornell who passed away 5 years ago of Alzheimers. She tells the story her dad would tell over and over again about going to the 1929...

Guzman’s Mistake

Tried to do a test for the app and Guzman acted stupid during it.

Chris Wheeler and Douglas Nicholls

Chris Wheeler (46) talks with his friend, the Mayor of Yuma, Douglas Nicholls (48) about their shared proclivities for the sciences but how they reconcile their creativity within the analytical sector. They talk about growing up in Yuma and what...

Sherri Tanner and Becky Parker

Sherri Tanner (48) shares with her friend, Becky Parker (64), how she became a public speaker about domestic violence.