Storytelling Assignment Dorman

Matthew Dorman is interviewed regarding his life and memories.

Finding Meaning of Life through Love and Acceptance

Madie discusses how love and acceptance changed her perspective of her life's meaning, along with how her childhood guided her toward her identity.

More than just happiness

This interview explores the deeper dimensions of happiness. How can we find happiness? How can we make people happy? And are we happy now?

“Person with a Purpose”

During Thanksgiving, Jeffrey interviewed his mother, Corinna. Throughout the discussion, Jeffrey ask questions about her identity such as her childhood that made her the person she is today. To add on, Corinna also discusses a few life lessons and experiences...

Comm Project
October 14, 2021 App Interview

The overall interview was good I learned new things about my partner that I was not aware of. The interview even had me rethinking my perspective on my life in figuring out what my greatest accomplishments are and how people...

Delaitre Jordan Hollinger and Jacqueline Yvonne Perkins

Friends, colleagues, and partners in "good trouble," Delaitre Jordan Hollinger [no age given] and Jacqueline Yvonne Perkins (64), sit down for a conversation about their family history, their current projects, and the importance of preserving African American history.

Mission and being blind

In this story we find out our how the healthcare system has failed the baby boomer generation. We also find out how serving a mission can change a life.

Humans of Granger
December 20, 2017 App Interview

We mad depressed. Stay up Tho

BoiseSpeaks: "The ability to see a different way is life-changing."

Emily Johnson shares stories from Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Boise about the impact of friendship, mentorship, support, and one person's presence can have on another's life.

Gretchen Miller, Beth Crone, and Don Miller

Spouses, Don Miller (64) and Gretchen Miller (59), with Don's sister Beth Crone (59) remember Judith Ann Miller. They talk about her ability to make everyone feel loved and special, and share the legacy she has left behind.

Jerome Novey and Shannon Novey

Jerome Novey (76) shares a conversation with his daughter, Shannon Novey [no age given], about his decision to pursue a career as a lawyer instead of joining the family business.

Nancy Colvin on Her Life

I talk to my grandmother about growing up, having kids, moving, and her purpose in life.

Nathalie Luna

In this interview, on December 14,2019 in Salt Lake City,Ut. I (Kimberly Cota) interview Nathalie Luna about her life so far. She shares her stores about the tough times she has gone through and the good memories and lessons she...

Finding Meaning of Life Through Love

Kendall, 18 years old, shares her experiences with love across all types, shedding light on her personal meaning of life.