Lindsay Komline and Teresa Dominick

One Small Step partners Lindsay Komline (31) and Teresa Dominick (58) have a conversation about the COVID-19 pandemic and immigration reform.

young adulthood during a pandemic

Interview with genesis Lozano (21) interviewed by her sister Betania Lozano (15). Interview is about genesis’s young adulthood in quarantine.

Mom Part 1 (sibling #15)

For my first interview I spoke with my mom primarily about how she is keeping herself busy during the quarantine. She also talked extensively about the impact of God in times like these.


We talked about the Asian flue back when Linda was a teenager.

How education and life has changed and how it would’ve adapted in times of crisis like these

In this interview I talk to my dad about what it was like growing up in a time with less technology and how that affected education daily life and the possible outcomes of a pandemic during his younger days.

COVID-19 and Its Effect

I interviewed my grandmother to ask questions about her thoughts on COVID-19 and how the pandemic affected her.

Annissa Carter and Dyme Ellis

Friends Annissa Carter (25) and Dyme "Indigaux" Ellis (24) share in conversation their experiences as Black, queer artists, discover the similarities that they share, and reflect on the importance of art and expression in their own lives.

C Davidson and Angelo Vangelopoulos

Friends C "Simon" Davidson (46) and Angelo Vangelopoulos (50) share a conversation about a restaurant experience auction Simon created to donate money to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. They discuss the creation of the auction, Angelo's involvement with his...

Quarantine Life with Christian Duff

Video games, working out, the stock market, and even some advice discussing different things he does in quarantine

The journey begins in hotel quarantine

Maya Pincus and Laura Guertin both served as Onboard Outreach Officers on JOIDES Resolution in 2022. With navigating the waters of COVID-19 still a challenge, Maya and Laura share their hotel quarantine stories before sailing out of Cape Town, South...

A New Hope: Being a Mom, Wife, And Student During Covid-19

Hope Hiller talks about her experience as a mother to a four month old while juggling being a full time student and newly-wed. She talks about dealing with mental health and concerns over safety for herself and her family, along...

Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020

COVID-19 have been affecting students in a lot of ways. This interview features my experiences and how I cope with quarantine so far. Whether it’s technology usage, daily activities, or communication, etc.

Asher recaps 2 months of covid quarantine

Asher recaps being at home with covet. From basketball, baseball, building a bridge, mystery box, treasure hunt, Verity tantrums... It's better than school.

Cheyenne Kim Interviews Abigail Eun

Abigail is a high school senior at the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies who was born and raised in Koreatown. Eun has been involved in her school paper, LACES UNTIED, for three years and currently serves as a copy...


Jonathan explains how this pandemic has effected his life.