Della Kostelnik Juarez and Julia Juarez-Kostelnik

Della Kostelnik Juarez (61) tells her daughter Julia Juarez-Kostelnik (22) about her experiences participating in a voluntary bussing/racial transfer program as an elementary school student in Seattle. Della describes how being the only white kid in a predominantly Black school...

Karla and Mary: Twenty-four years of an inter-racial friendship

This conversation summarizes a friendship of over two decades between two women, one White and one Black. Insights and issues of race and personal growth are discussed.

Norman Hatter and Steve McCutchan

Friends Norman Hatter (79) and Steven McCutchan (80) discuss meeting civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr., and Stokely Carmichael. They talk about guiding their churches through racism and racial equity as they both have served different types of Christian...

The Ministry of Reconciliation with Derona

As America's Covid-19 cases continue to multiply, the virus exposes inequity throughout our society and claims a disproportionate number of black lives. Citizen Advocate, Derona King is healing racial trauma by promoting good health and nutritional wellness with Zilphy's Garden...

Equitable Dinners Stories! George Braucht

George Braucht is from Macon, GA, with 40+ years in behavioral health and criminal (un)justice fields, applying community and positive psychology to peer support services. He's a long time facilitator for Equitable Dinners. Here he talks about growing up in...

Equitable Dinners Stories! Niya Randall

Niya Randall is an unapologetically Black mother who continues to disrupt inequities while working in social justice and education during these uncertain times. She’s one of our valued facilitators at Equitable Dinners. Here she talks about becoming aware of racism...

Equitable Dinners Stories! Ariel Fristoe

Ariel Fristoe is the Artistic Director of Out of Hand Theater. She's a part of the team that creates Equitable Dinners, a program which connects people through facilitated conversations about race and racism. She talks with Adria Kitchens about pursuing...

Darlene Castaneda and Diane Kirkland

One Small Step conversation partners Darlene Castaneda (59) and Diane Kirkland (48) talk about their upbringings, the role of social media, life in Bakersfield, and increasing division in the US.

Mario James and Lothar Konietzko

Mario James (29) interviews his former high school history teacher Lothar Konietzko (51) about the present state of race relations and the history/legacy of racism in the United States.

Equitable Dinners Stories! Rachael Carter

Rachael Carter is a part of the Partnership for Southern Equity's Team and has been working with them on staff for 2 years. Originally from Philadelphia, moving to Atlanta in 2018, Rachael has only increased her engagement in racial equity...

Kendal Johnson + Maeron Kebede

UVA students, Kendal Johnson (21) from Hampton, Virginia, and Maeron Kebede (21) from Mclean, Virginia recorded a One Small Step Conversation as part of their course 'Lead From Anywhere.' They explored our experiences discovering politics and refining our political beliefs...

Dennis Green and Charles Dyson

One Small Step partners Charles "Charlie" Dyson (80) and Dennis Green (64) discuss their faith, their and judgement and acceptance of people in society and church, and how we can try to heal from the division.

Equitable Dinners Stories! Terra Gay

Terra Gay has over 20 years of professional experience, including an extensive background in National Service leadership, training, consulting, organizational and entrepreneurial knowledge. She has a B.A. degree in African and African-American Studies from Emory University and a Certificate in...

Imogene Brooks and Shirley Tarver

Best friends Imogene Brooks (63) and Shirley Tarver (70) reminisce about the good times they have had together throughout their long friendship, describe what it was like growing up on the border of Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL as...

Elizabeth Duke and T. McClain

One Small Step conversation partners Elizabeth "Lani" Duke (74) and T. "Davina" McClain (56) share their political beliefs, memories and the ways they view change in the community.

Bert Belanger and Janice Martin

One Small Step partners and Oklahoma City residents Janice Martin (66) and Bert Belanger (65) discuss how their lived experiences have informed their perspectives on race, gender, abortion, adoption, and faith.

Bonnie Wahiba and Trish Davis

One Small Step conversation partners Bonnie Wahiba (67) and Trish Davis (64) talk about their views on big issues like abortion, death penalty and Donald Trump. Trish recently changed her political party. Bonnie shares a story about being disowned by...

Racism, Covid19, and Mental Health

I interviewed my 69 year old grandmother. These questions were based on mental health, ,Covid-19 and Racism in the U.S.

RVM Anne Schurman
March 27, 2017 App Interview

Minister's wife, mother, advocate, and friend to all