Kendall Cole and Laurie Beck

One Small Step conversation participants Kendall Cole (29) and Laurie Beck (55) exchange lived experiences and discuss their faith journeys as well as gratitude as a bridge for understanding.

John Floyd and Karla Doremus-Tranfield

One Small Step conversation partners John Floyd (51) and Karla Doremus-Tranfield (61) discuss the military, the Constitution, Conservatism and Liberalism, rugged individualism, living rurally, political campaigning, family histories, their children, and dogs.

Robert Belley and Alicia Azulay

Spouses Robert Belley (42) and Alicia Azulay (40) share a conversation about their relationship, their family, the coronavirus pandemic, and the current state of politics in the US.

Beryll Taylor and Tessie Rogers

Beryll Taylor (73) speaks to her wife, Tessie Field Rogers (69), about how they first met. The two reflect on their childhoods growing up in Georgia and retiring to the Gulfport, FL area. They got married a few years ago...

Amer Al Fayadh and Brandy Al fayadh

Amer Al Fayadh (39) and his wife, Brandy Al fayadh (38), share the story of how they met and talk about their early dating before getting married. They also discuss raising multicultural kids and share their hopes for their kids...

me and bestie

mom tells me about her life and her experiences

Kenji Muro other memories
February 19, 2024 App Interview

Moses Graubard, age 45, interviewing his stepfather, Kenji Muro, age 80, about Kenji’s relationship with his first wife and subsequent divorce, the personalities of Kenji’s two sons when they were young, and about how Kenji initially met Moses’ mother and...

The Love and Warmth Only a Mother Can Provide

I interviewed my grandmother, born and raised in the Philippines, about her life. She talked about my grandfather, how it was like raising her children in the Philippines, how my dad was like when he was younger, the level of...

Katie Pina and Mario Navarro

One Small Step partners Katie Pina (36) and Mario Navarro (52) share a conversation about growing up, their families, their children, and the COVID-19 pandemic. They also talk about their frustrations with US politics, their perspectives on religion, and their...

Thanksgiving Interview; Joe Buchanan III

A conversation with my mom about her childhood and her children.

Lawrence Elmgren and Amarilis Gonzalez

Amarilis (83) talks with her grandson, Lawrence Elmgren (15) about her childhood in Cuba, Fidel Castro coming into power, moving to Spain with two children and her husband, moving to the United States as an immigrant, and raising a family...

Pamela Gore Meade and Louise Lashley

Pamela Gore Meade (59) shares a conversation with her mother, Louise Lashley (85), about Louise’s childhood, her parents, art, music, and raising her children.

Lyron Andrews and Chanel Andrews

Lyron (46) talks to his daughter Chanel (16) about their relationship, growing up in California, his divorce to her mother and how proud he is of Chanel.

What is your favorite memory of me? Something embarrassing I did? What about something nasty I did?

My mother told me something I’d rather forget, but in times like these you have to embrace the embarrassment of the past. As a kid I loved to share my ice cream, and I didn’t limit to whoever I shared...

Anita Wiggins and Deborah Callahan

One Small Step partners Anita Wiggins (65) and Deborah Callahan (56) discuss major events that shaped them, their spirituality as a Catholic and a Mormon, the difficulty raising children with or without their shared beliefs, and self-love.

Barbara Hester Kurtz and Susan Scott Peterson, November 26, 2021

Barbara Hester Kurtz (87) talks with her granddaughter Susan Scott Peterson (40) about her life from 1957 to present day, including her family being posted in Germany after the occupation ended and raising children while moving around the country for...

Ryland Madison and Maxwell Fisher Madison

Ryland Madison (52) and his son Maxwell Madison (14) talk about their relationship to The New Children's Museum, remember interacting with the different installations through Max's childhood, and discuss what the museum has taught them. Ryland also shares memories of...

Rosalyn Schragg and Leanna Hayes

Rosalyn Schragg [no age given] interviews her friend Leanna Hayes [no age given] about Rosalyn’s journey from Rotherham, England to Soap Lake, Washington State. They also discuss Rosalyn’s marriage, children, career, and home.

“Tell people you love them”

Donovan, (age 14) interviews Diana Rehner (age 69) his grandmother. Throughout the interview, Diana talks about her childhood and the memories of it. She also talks about her heritage as far as the early 1700s. Towards the end of the...

Rachel Pettis and Hannah Gibson

Sisters Rachel Pettis (33) and Hannah Gibson (45) sit down for a conversation about their family and the different experiences they had growing up as siblings born eleven years apart.