Thanksgiving Interview; Joe Buchanan III

A conversation with my mom about her childhood and her children.

Lawrence Elmgren and Amarilis Gonzalez

Amarilis (83) talks with her grandson, Lawrence Elmgren (15) about her childhood in Cuba, Fidel Castro coming into power, moving to Spain with two children and her husband, moving to the United States as an immigrant, and raising a family...

Lyron Andrews and Chanel Andrews

Lyron (46) talks to his daughter Chanel (16) about their relationship, growing up in California, his divorce to her mother and how proud he is of Chanel.

Beryll Taylor and Tessie Rogers

Beryll Taylor (73) speaks to her wife, Tessie Field Rogers (69), about how they first met. The two reflect on their childhoods growing up in Georgia and retiring to the Gulfport, FL area. They got married a few years ago...

Amer Al Fayadh and Brandy Al fayadh

Amer Al Fayadh (39) and his wife, Brandy Al fayadh (38), share the story of how they met and talk about their early dating before getting married. They also discuss raising multicultural kids and share their hopes for their kids...

me and bestie

mom tells me about her life and her experiences

Katie Pina and Mario Navarro

One Small Step partners Katie Pina (36) and Mario Navarro (52) share a conversation about growing up, their families, their children, and the COVID-19 pandemic. They also talk about their frustrations with US politics, their perspectives on religion, and their...

Robert Belley and Alicia Azulay

Spouses Robert Belley (42) and Alicia Azulay (40) share a conversation about their relationship, their family, the coronavirus pandemic, and the current state of politics in the US.

The Love and Warmth Only a Mother Can Provide

I interviewed my grandmother, born and raised in the Philippines, about her life. She talked about my grandfather, how it was like raising her children in the Philippines, how my dad was like when he was younger, the level of...

Pamela Gore Meade and Louise Lashley

Pamela Gore Meade (59) shares a conversation with her mother, Louise Lashley (85), about Louise’s childhood, her parents, art, music, and raising her children.

Interview with Mom

My mom and I talked about how it was raising me and how I behaved as a young child.

Being an advocate for girls: "I'm constantly reminding my children that they can do anything."

In a conversation with Alison, Katie talks about her family, raising girls to be strong, smart and bold, and becoming acutely aware of gender in her role as an advocate for young women in Richmond Community Schools. Katie shares her...

Rudy Montoya and Juana Montoya-Jamison

Cousins Rudy Montoya (88) and Juana Montoya-Jamison (72) recount their family history in Mexico and the United States. They tell stories about grandparents, siblings, and Juana's father, who is Rudy's cousin.

Madyson Harden and Wyanetta Johnson talking about the past.

Madyson Harden (16) talking with her grandma Wyanetta Jhonson (58) about memories of growing up and raising Madyson's mom. Also some advice given by Wyanetta to Madyson about finishing high school.

Joseph Singer and Angela Singer

Angela Singer (68) talks about her childhood and shares parenting advice with her son, Joseph Singer (29).