Enriching Lives One Bray At A Time

Steve Stiert talks about his passion for donkeys and his nonprofit mission to enrich donkeys' lives and show the value of donkeys to human communities.

Comms Listening Challenge

This is a required class assignment for The University of The Cumberlands. The interview takes place between Andria J. & Anthony J., a couple in Lexington, KY. The interview is an exchange about Anthony's career as the director of a...

Barbara Greenwood and Michelle Schulte

Michelle Schulte (68) talks with her mother Barbara Greenwood (89) about her life experiences growing up in a city and moving to rural New Hampshire.

An interview with Grandma
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Me and my grandmother talk about past times.

Beth Keloneva and Paul Haan

Friends Beth Keloneva (67) and Paul Haan (57) discuss their love of the outdoors, their experiences working with the North Country Trail Association (NCTA), and how the NCTA has evolved over time.

City Park in Denver, Colorado

On a snowy day in Denver, I sat down with Parks and Recreation’s Executive Director, Allegra “Happy” Haynes to talk about our shared favorite place in the city to gather and play and connect with nature, City Park.

Mary Ellen Pendergrast, Anne Topple, and Genia Duchon

Sisters Mary Ellen Pendergrast (76), Anne Topple (78), and Genia Duchon (70) share a conversation about their parents and the decision to preserve their childhood home as public green space known as Woodlands Garden.