Triumphs and defeats

A short life reflection if Adrian Luna and possibly his most traumatic experiences

Reflection about broadcasting subject

This is an interview about my reflection to the audio assignment, making waves and also video assignment.

Reflection on Making Waves – FCI Event 2018

Danny show us a new understanding toward the broadcasting as a Digital Animation students.

reflection about myself

the reflection about myself in broadcasting industry

Discussion with my dad.

In this discussion I asked asked various questions regarding his youth, professional career, family (memories and values), etc.

Story Corp Reflection

Summary and reflection of my StoryCorp experience

Story Corps interview

Got me closer to my mom and shared some one on one time.

The Journey of Life

This interview took place on January 21, 2020, in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This interview was with Katrina Ford. During this interview we discussed the journey of life and the power of positive thinking. We talked about living in the...

Ray Wise – Mastery At Its Finest

An overlooked tree. Ceaseless drive. Sean Connery. What do these three unrelated things have in common? They tell the extraordinary story of Ray Wise, who was interviewed by Forrest Wheeler in Los Angeles in 2018. Since youth in Akron, Ohio,...

Coffee shop

Interview a woman I met at the Berkshire mall

Sou Pin’s Reflection

Interviewed my friend, Sou Pin, about her reflection.

I talk to my mother about her thoughts about me, primarily during me younger years of life.

I sit down an talk to my mother about her personal thoughts of me, her youngest son, over the years I've been around. For some reference the person named Kyle who's mentioned a couple times is my older brother of...

Watergate Reflection 50 Years Later

Reflection almost 50 years laters on the Watergate Scandal and how it affected America and still does today

Betty Carroll 2017

We talked about what my Grandma’s life as a child was like, the most influential people on her life, what she’s most proud of, how her life is different from how she imagined it would be as a child, what...

Sage’s interview

For English, we we're told to pick one important person in our life to interview and I chose my friend Sage.

Bob Short discusses his life philosophy and how he began creating art.

89 year old Bob Short relays the meaning behind some of his art pieces while imparting his life philosophy.