My mom

About her life experience

A moment with dad

We talked about his life. And what he regrets in life.

Interviewing sister

We talked about my sisters childhood and the good and bad things in life. These good and bad things should always be positive at the end of the day because everything happens for a reason.

Juliana + Lee

Asking questions about his childhood and what it was like being my dad.

Interview with Mom

Interview conducted describes life events from my mother, Maria Alonso.

Gampies Interview 2

Stress relievers, educational systems, stereotypes on people, fear, philosophies, and regrets

My Grandma’s Story

We talked about wisdoms she would like to have passed down, her very few regrets, and her greatest accomplishments: her family. My grandma has come a long way from growing up in a little town in West Virginia by working...

THTR 3310

I decided to interview my dad because he always has stories to tell his family. He’s been one of our biggest inspirations to fight for our goals.

Passion, Consistency, and Pride

Passions drive life; it is essential to discover your passion and work for it. Take pride in what you and others have accomplished.

Father and Son~ a changing relationship

A father and son talk about his childhood and his experience with life as a widower.

SOC 110

An interview about the topic of death and it’s impact on our views on life.


Speaking with my older sister about our family history, her experiences and regrets.

Interview with dad

Talked about how life, and how it changed him into the person he is today.

No Regrets

Teenager, Vivian Lee (17) interviews her grandma (74) at their family home in New Jersey, Egg Harbor Township. Her grandma recalls the hardships she faced when she lived in China and how fortunate she was when she came to America....


In this interview we talked about what my sister regretted, the happiest and saddest times in her like etc...