Older brother

How his life was and what he thought of me

A Thanksgiving conversation. Part 2

My uncle and I talked about his regrets, or rather the things he wished he had done. We also talked about how my uncle met my aunt and how he knew she was the one. Then I told him how...

“As you go through life any mistake you make are lessons you learn from them”
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my aunt's husband for this project. I got to know more about my uncle. He talks about his childhood, job, and lessons he learned.

A Conversation That Was Regretted

She wished that she hadn’t of said something because it was interrupted a different way than what she meant.

My dads expectations of me

we talked about how he felt when i was born and his favorite memory of me. He gave me advice for raising me future kids.


This is a story about a mother who will sacracice anything for her family, she shares her story with me and the world about what it was like having to grow up with a single mother, and her experience immigrating...

Fireplace room talks
November 25, 2017 App Interview

What will be left behind, what our family will continue doing, who we are and who we will be.

Interview with my grandpa

During this interview I asked my grandpa (Baba) personal questions about family, mistakes, regrets, religion, and other interesting things.

“Soy Una Niña Problema” Part 2

In this interview, my mother, Maria Paredes, continues to tell stories about her hometown, her rebellious childhood, happiest memories, and biggest regrets as well as what it was like coming to the United States as an immigrant.

The interview with my mom

We go into many questions dealing with, life as a child, memories, motherhood, regrets and overall happiness

My Greatest Achievements

My grandma talks about her life story from what her school life was like, what her first job was like and the greatest achievements in her life.

Divine for AP Psych 2019

We talked about life in general, a lot of advice was given. We also talked about appreciation and inspiration, on both ends.

Interview With my Father

My father and I discussed his experiences with growing up and developing into the person he is today.

dAD aNd mE

we talked a lot about how u should hold on regrets. and how life is short.

SLP 11/26 Edwin Lorenzo’s Interview

Edwin describes his regrets, greatest memories, and his future in the perspective of a teenager.

Nicolette and Lauren Sherman

An interview of who and what has impacted my mom the most. And what advice she would like to pass on.

Interview with dad

Talked about how life, and how it changed him into the person he is today.