interview with mom

my mother and i spoke about love and what it means and how her experience in the love life have changed her.

Berta Alcantar, Secrets to a Healthy Life

Berta Alcantar (46) talks about the relationships she's built over time, ways to cope with failed friendships and lovers, as well as how to remain hopeful despite all the hurt.

Just A Talk

We talked about our childhood and how it was.

David Owusu and his Auntie Evelyn Barden talk about her life in Accra, Ghana

In this interview, conducted on 27 November 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, David Owusu(16) interviews his auntie Evelyn Barden(38) about her childhood and the person who has had a great influence in her life and the lesson that he or she...

Blind brother speaks about moments that greatly impacted him

Eli (13) interviews Cole (19) and Eli asks about the most impactful, proud, and important moments of Cole’s life.

Desta’s Love Life

I asked him questions about his relationship. He gave great thorough answers!

Harry Potter Glasses and Sh**ty Honda Civics

Me and my boyfriend Benju talk about how we first met and where we see ourselves in the future.

talks with mom

We talked about memories she has of me as a child, her growing up lessons she learned and her biggest influences. We also talked about her career path and why she chose to do what she does.

Getting to know Lorlly’s life

For this interview Lorlly Varela talks about her beliefs and life experiences, as well as , her challenges being an immigrant in Unites States.

Damien and Amelia

Damien and Amelia have been together before college and went to college as a couple

Listening to Momma

I asked my mom several questions about my childhood. We discussed what is was like to mother me all the way to how she feels about me soon becoming a wife.

Cailin O’Connor

Cailin OConnor and her cute boyfriend talking about stupid random stuff

“We’re living for the moment.”

Adrian Sanchez and Edna Zarate met as sophomores in high school in Baytown, Texas. They hit it off right away and have been together ever since. Now both 28, their marriage may not be the traditional variety, but it's the...


Our relationship and his influences growing up

Interview with Mom

This interview was done with my mom. We are very close and we are a lot alike in many different ways.

Tanis and Hailey Interview

Our life together and his life before I met him and our daughter

Father and Daughter

My father and I talked about the good and hard times that occurred in our life time. We also talked about what we hope for in the future.

Practice Profile

Speaking with my mom, Amy, we talked about her relationship with my father.

Experience of social distancing
November 21, 2020 App Interview

We discuss the social distancing means to people

my mom

What we talked mostly is us and our memories. We had a good conversation and going down memory lane.