Jackie Stevens

My step mom answered questions about me and her life.

Nick and Cass

About our relationship and feelings about the future

Jaqueline Muñoz Service Learning Storycorps Project

My name is Jaqueline Munoz and I interviewed my older sister, Sandra Munoz about her personal life.

Mom interview

My parents story of how they fell In love

Interview with my Great-Grandpa, Marvin Bach

This interview was conducted by Viggo Bergs (9) on November 26, 2022. He interviews his Great- Grandpa, Marvin Michael Bach from Wheaton, MN. They discuss everything from growing up to the military.

Jennifer and Jason

We just talked about are relationship and how much are lives have changed especially since we found each other and had children

Theater Project

Interviewing my boyfriend after having a few drinks. He never opens up to me so I wanted to see what he would say!

Alex and Lizzy’s Story <3

Me and my boyfriend Alex talking about how, why and since when we've loved eachother for. Basically just us gushing and giggling over microphone <3

Interviewing A Close Friend.

We Talked About Everything. Illnesses, Family Heritages, Relationships, And Future Careers All Of The Above.

Father and Son

My dad and I talk about everything he has gone through in his life, from childhood to present day

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

One asset I learned was a lot of family history that I did not know before. One strength I learned was that they were mentally strong and left there home country to live a better life for both there family...

How My Parents Met

I sat down with my parents and talked about thier relationship from first meeting to marriage.

Emily Lo Re and Bonnie Lo Re talk about growing up in Birmingham, Alabama.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Birmingham, Alabama, Emily Lo Re (16) interview her mother Bonnie Lo Re (50) about her childhood in Birmingham. Mrs. Lo Re shares her thoughts about 9/11 and the new generation. She also...

Interview w/ Brittany

We talked about life and how it takes a toll on us and the outcomes is gives.

Ma and Ginger

I sit down with my mom, Christi and her partner, Ginger. They tell me some lessons they have learned while being in a relationship and Ginger tells me about the first time she met Christi.

Life memory and relationship

My name is Taisei and I asked about 10 questions to Dangh. We talked about relationships and memory about life.