Story Corps Interview pt. 2

We discussed Alexa’s views on the relationships she has in her life.

Michael Hoang interview translated to english.

Michael Hoang and his wife met in Vietnam where he’s gone on to love her. They then had a baby where they were a happy family and eventually became grandparents of a smart and kind boy. All of the love...

My Father's Interesting Past

I am Alex Wong and on December 1st, 2019, at home, my father and I talked about a few moments in my father’s life that were significant to him. He told me about how he met my mother. He told...

lessons and stories I want to share with the world

These are a few of the stories that my mother has shared with me when I asked about her childhood, family traditions, and people who have inspired her the most. I feel like after this interview I have gotten to...

Interview with Mom

I interviewed my mother about her life, upbringing, work, faith, and hopes for her life and mine.

Interview with Gisel Vega

This interview included a view of the struggles through Gisel Vega’s life.

Interview with Vanessa

In this interview, Vanessa and I spoke about life lessons, relationships, family, and more. She gave me advice on life and what she’s learned.

Happy Memories in Port Arthur, TX

Sisters growing up at different times in Port Arthur, TX. Sharing memories of what made their family a happy, safe, and welcoming place.

Just gotta push yourself to be you all the time.

A brief conversation between two Black non-binary people (one who is also trans-identifying) and their struggles with society, growing up and coming to understand gender identity, expression & sexuality.


A variety of topics, including community, socialization, influential relationships, and family history.

Trace Interview

Discussion of Trace’s childhood and growing up challenges.

A Little Piece of Mind

Life can be somewhat of a mysterious mistress, but with A Little Piece of Mind, and experience, some light can be shed on it.

The older sibling’s PoV

In this interview I was very curious to know how my sister (Eliza) viewed my older siblings and her experiences with school and growing up. I wanted to know how she perceived them and if there was anything revealed that...

my mom
November 30, 2018 App Interview

My mom sharing stories, memories and beliefs throughout her life.

Family and Socialization

This interview entails the meaning of family and the effects of childhood in adulthood.

Who is Sam?

We discuss the dynamic of our relationship and life experiences that shaped sams life.

Avery’s Interview

Me and my mom mostly talk about the importance of Family.

Mom and Dad

I talk with Mom and Dad about their lives and relationship.