A talk with mom

We talked a little bit about my moms childhood and what it was like growing up without a father figure. We also talked about how she met my dad and how my brothers and I came to be and my...

Ann Smart and Hayden Smart

Ann Smart referred to as Nonna (80) talks with her grandson about the relationship she had with his grandfather who is referred to as Papa. They discuss various dates that his grandmother and grandfather went on as well as what...

Kacia Church
September 27, 2016 App Interview

Self-interview: Religious beliefs of a young, lifelong conservative Christian

Mom and Dad

I talk with Mom and Dad about their lives and relationship.

Interview with Riley

Riley talks about her past life and how it makes her who she is in the present

Robert Edgin life stories, age 43

At the end, you hear me say it stopped (because the screen said so!) yet it recorded 10 more minutes of us talking, unknowingly. Don’t mind us! :)

Kristin’s Relationship

I interviewed my sister about her relationship with her boyfriend of five years.

Infinite love

A revelation of love and lessons on keeping a strong relationship.

A Trip Down Kayla’s Memory Lane

In this interview, Kayla and I talk about how her and her husband (Clayton Saxon) met each other.

Kelly Wolfe and Gabriela Wolfe

Spouses Kelly (37) and Gabriela "Gabi" Wolfe (36) share a conversation about their relationship, their accomplishments together, the scariest moments they have been through together, and what they see for themselves in the future.

StoryCorps interview w/ my mom

We talked about her childhood, parenting, love & relationships and work.

SOC 110 Interview w/ Michelle Chuang

SOC 110 StoryCorps interview with where Kyle Chuang interviews his mother, Michelle Chuang, about her experience with love, relationships, and marriage. We also touch on her experience being in an interracial marriage for 23 years.

Interview with Stephanie Torres

This interview contains stories from Stephanie’s life and her past experiences that has helped her grown as a woman.

My friends view on life

We talked about my friends childhood, who had a impact in her life and our relationship as friends .

My sisters keeper

We talked about her going to the military and why she did it and did she serve in a war zone and where

Interview With Nona

I interviewed my Nona and asked her questions about her childhood, and how life is different now from when she grew up.

Matt & Brianna

Matt and Brianna talked about relationships, life together and life in general.

In a Foreign Place

27 year old Peruvian immigrant talks about his life as an illegal immigrant, falling in love, and becoming a high school history teacher.

Meaghan and Kevin’s Interview About Relationships

Kevin and I talked about different types of relationships including friendships, family, and romantic relationships. We talked about what our norms are for each of these relationships and how we expect from our future relationships to be.


The relationship I share and shared with my sisters.

Sandy & Kara

Interview of an 18 year old girl talking to her 58 year old mom about her life.

Talks with Mom

I asked her a few questions about her life & herself.