“Lessons in the Car with Dad”, Marvin Carter

I sat and listened to Marvin Carter, my advisor, speak about his father and his living with terminal illness, and how that, in turn, developed their personal relationship.

Grandma’s life

My interviewee is my grandma, Patrica Washington. This interview takes places in Chicago Illinois in my bedroom. Patrica has lived a half of century and has lots to say about her experiences in life with growing up with seven siblings,...

Kenzie Spence Interview With gram – 11-20-2023

I am Kenzie Spence and this is an interview with my gram from Georgia. We discussed her relationships with her relatives and what she remembers of them. She also brought up memories from her career and and how she would...

Influential People in Our Lives.

Manisha Shakya Siddhi(42) talks with her daughter, Judisma Siddhi(15), about the meaningful relationships in her life. She explains how they helped develop her character and teach her valuable lessons.

Conversation with mom

A look into my mother’s life and what she has to share

Interview with Makeena Davis about Moving Away.

In this interview we talked about how Makeena felt about her life so far. We also talked about how she felt about moving away to college.

Interview with my mom Kristi

Today I interviewed my mother Kristi Runyan, we talked about important memories in her life and people that influenced her.

Luke interview his Mom(Chrissy)

Luke, age 14, interviews his Mom on life, career, and relationships.

A Fish out of Water

In the beginning, Michelle talks about the difficulties of adjusting to a new environment. Then, the topic smoothly transitions into one consisting of wisdom that can be applied all throughout life.

Mommy and Me

Interviewed my mother in her relationship with those in her life, future advice for me, and adapting herself to America

Interview with my father

We talk about things subjects of relationship like between himself and I and his current and last self

Advice from Grandma: Caitlyn D'Bella and Virginia Cooley

Caitlyn D'Bella (22) talks to her grandmother, Virginia (77), about relationship advice and what makes an "ideal" relationship.

Alexia Williams and her mother Tisha Williams discuss her experiences as a woman from adolescence to present time.

In this interview conducted in November 2021 in Ypsilanti, MI, Alexia Williams (22) interviews her mother Tisha Williams (47) about growing up as a woman and her personal experiences with this. Tisha discusses personal stories as well as learning moments...

Germans Are So Honest

After immigrating to Los Angeles from Hamburg, Germany twenty years ago, Verena sits down to talk about German v. American differences.

Marie Santiago and Danny Santiago

Spouses Marie Santiago (31) and Danny Santiago (33) sit down for a conversation about the highs and lows of the years that they have spent together and offer some of the wisdom that they have gained along the way.

Megan [no last name given] and Grace [no last name given]

Megan [no last name given] (38) shares a conversation with her mother, Grace [no last name given] (69), about Grace’s childhood, the people who impacted her life the most, her children and grandchildren, and the wisdom she would like to...