Listening to Others’ Interview

This is a brief interview with my friend. Just kind of asking questions and getting to know him better. We talked a little about childhood and family. And a little about how society perceives him and how he perceives himself.

Hardship on Marine Relationships

Paige Henson interviews her younger sister Kamille Henson about how she handles her marine relationships and how they overcome hardships

Learning about a grandparent’s history.

In this interview, I talked with my nana about her upbringing, her parents, and her life growing up. We also talked about family, friends and, jobs.

The Conversation I’ll Never Forgot

15 year old Ellie Raterman interviews her dad’s mother to learn more about her life.

Kit Hough

During this interview we discussed kits life in regard to his childhood, marriage, children, and career, etc.

Interview With the Basketball Lover
September 16, 2018 App Interview

This interview is about how a basketball lover learned to love the game without still playing. It also touches base on how his basketball love helped him create other hobbies and develop a good career out of it.


This is for those out there who feel they cannot come back to themselves. This interview talks about how no matter what life throws at you, you have to remember that only you've got you.

He’s Always Been the Person People Came to for Advice

Interviewing my dad on the topics of his childhood and relationships.

Interview with Mom
November 30, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed my mom about her childhood experiences and the adjustments she made moving from China to Colombia and then to the US

Child Maltreatment and Adolescent Development

This interview looks at the impact that adverse environments, such as child maltreatment and abuse, have on an adolescent's development.

Interview with my Uncle Tom Ryan about advice for young adults beginning life on their own.

A conversation about family history. The we discussed relationships and what leads to successful ones. We conclude with talking about our family and it’s legacy.

Faye Brown and Sarah Padgett

Faye Brown (74) talks about her faith, her family, and her cancer diagnosis with her new friend, Sarah Padgett (24).

Chris O'Brien Jaeger Interview HE9

Christopher O’Brien and his Grandfather, Patrick O’Brien, talk about the advances in technology seen from and older generation. Also, Mr. O’Brien was a navy veteran before the Vietnam war and discusses memories from the past. Being born in Philadelphia would...

We are lovers.

She knew as soon as she saw me. I knew as trust was built. She’s the one. I’m her one.


Abby and I were interviewing basically about things of about her self.

My boys’ life: Judgement free

We are discussing things from his child hood as well as his past relationships and lessons that he has learned.

Core stories

We discussed how our lives have changed over the years, and how our peers have changed

An Interview with Mom

My Mom is Brigitta Woodward, born and raised in Kalrsruhe, Germany, and 59 years young. My parents married in Germany when my mom was 32, and she left her life there to move to upstate New York with my siblings...

Stories about breakups

In this interview Bailey talked about her memories of her past relationship of 1 year and why her relationship ended and the lessons she learned throughout that year.

Interview With My Father

I asked my father hard-hitting questions that went into depth on life goals and aspirations. Moreover, we talked about goals my father has for me and grew a deeper connections within deep questions.