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Interview with Ma – Part 1 "so yeah, if it was quirky or weird it was because I was quirky or weird too"

Part 1 of a conversation with my grandmother, who I call Ma. We have always been very close, and I know she loves to talk and tell stories, so was a perfect candidate for this sort of project. We sit...

A Teen Mom Who Continues Her Journey and Never Quits

Aniya Callaway( age 15 on the right)Interviews her Grandmother; Teresa(age 58 on the left) who explains their family history. Tells us a brief description about her being a teen mom and what she went through. Her dreams as a OBGYN...

My Grandmother talks about her time as a teacher, instructor, and parent as well as giving advice and stories she has.
November 29, 2018 App Interview

I speak with my Grandmother, a renown teacher and community administrator, Fire Department office manager and more, about some of her experiences as a teacher and as she grew up in general. I ask her about school in Haiti and...

Chris and Winston talk about music, religion, and vegetarianism.

In this interview, conducted in April 2018 in Mission Viejo, California, Chris Quintos (23) interviews his grandfather Winston (64) about music, religion, love, family, and being vegetarian. Winston shares about growing up in the Philippines, playing music and meeting the...

Interview with my Dad

I talk to my dad about his childhood, parents, and siblings. We also discussed advice he had for future generations and stories from throughout his life

Catholic School Experience as a Jewish

Max Newman is a 29-year-old Ph.D. student. He went to a Catholic school as a Jewish. He talked about his experience and his opinions on religion.


How to subdue the flesh. To successfully subdue the flesh and live in dominion, one needs to understand what happened on the cross. ### Christ died on the cross for the sinner to forgive his sin. ### But also, the...

Interview with Thomas Jacobs about religion and the afterlife

Interview with Thomas Jacobs about religion and the afterlife

A Look Through Time: Generational Experiences

Interview with dad on his experiences immigrating from a different country, generational differences, and spiritual beliefs.

A talk with my mom about her childhood and life today

My mother Ashwini Hublikar has had a very interesting life--growing up in Nasik, India, she had a completely different experience growing up than I have. However, her experiences with art, music, reading, religion, and more have all informed how she...

The Importance of Family and Religion

In this interview for the 2019 Great Thanksgiving Listen, Jennifer Barralaga interviewed her mother, Maura Martinez asking about her life before moving to the United States, and the importance of religion to her. Maura explained that the country she grew...

Shady the shady man.

met up with my sunday school teacher and talked about his relationship with religion

Interview with Linda Jacobs about Religion and the afterlife

Interview with Linda Jacobs about Religion and the afterlife