Claire and Lucy Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Lucy Baker (19) talks with her sister, Claire (22) about what it looked like to create a carbon neutral neighborhood. They discussed the importance of keeping everyone involved in the project, specifically the project of switching in home energy sources,...

“I get excited about all of the projects that I work on because I see so much opportunity and potential.” An Interview with Allison Leidner

Allison Leidner is a program manager for Energy and Infrastructure applications at NASA’s Earth Science Division where she helps inform and connect decision-makers with the science behind renewable energy and climate resilient infrastructure. A conservation biologist by training, Allison recently...

Top of the Climb: Sam Laure

A discussion on the challenges of being a rock climber and etc. As well as his thought process on life in general.

Brenda Barnes and Samantha Barnes discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Samantha Barnes (19) talks with her mother Brenda (54) about how her neighborhood collectively achieved the carbon neutrality goal for 2030. She reflects on their efforts towards solar implementation, governmental outreach, and waste reduction.

Luke & Jordan discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Luke & Jordan enact a thought experiment of what a sustainable future will look like and how we got there. Specifically imagining being in the year 2030 having achieved carbon neutrality, Luke answers questions about how his community came together...

Melody Barnes and Matt Hantzmon (Part 1)

[Recorded: Monday, November 1, 2021] Melody and Matt have their first One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Melody is the Executive Director of the Karsh Institute of Democracy at UVA, and Matt is the founder of Hexagon Energy, a...

Cassandra Little and Tania Santiago-Greathouse

One Small Step conversation partners Tania Santiago-Greathouse (36) and Dr. Cassandra Little (58) talk about their frustrations with partisan politics and how it affects their work, as well as their roles on the Central Valley Community Foundation's DRIVE committee to...

Sarah Stolar and Glenn Stolar discuss preparing for the climate emergency.

Sarah and Glenn discuss the importance of collaborating with and speaking to others about the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly actions. We also discuss the positive internal benefits of voluntarily changing behaviors to address climate change and how this can...

Ian and Saskia discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Today I sat down with Ian Charles to talk about his personal experience with seeing unpredictable weather in Michigan over the past few years. We also talk about how individuals need to think about how we use renewable energy over...

Dennis Pierce and Moni Grushkin

One Small Step conversation partners Dennis Pierce (81) and Moni Grushkin (59) explore their political views on a range of issues, and find common ground on values, in spite of political differences

Jackie Folsom and Jeff Forward

One Small Step conversation partners Jackie Folsom (71) and Jeff Forward (68) talk about their upbringing in Ohio and subsequent moves to Vermont, along with their views on farming & agriculture, immigration and renewable energy.

Alexander MacGillivray and Kesha Ram Hinsdale

One Small Step conversation partners Kesha Ram Hinsdale (35) and Alexander MacGillivray (34) share their views on what it means to be an American. They also talk about clean air and water; and environmental equity.

Bob Broseker and Lauren Broseker discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Lauren Broseker (20) talks with her father, Bob Broseker (57), about how his neighborhood took collective action to respond to the climate emergency, specifically through increased adoption of solar energy. He reflects on the importance of comprehensive education about behavior...