Toni McKeen and Beth Moeller for the Griswold Home Care Resilience Project: "Be a Voice Not An Echo"

2020-08-27 15:23:17 Beth Moeller from Griswold Home Care, sat down with Toni McKeen, an instructor from Founders Hall Center in Ridgefied, CT, to discuss factors driving resilience learned from genealogy, the Renaissance, and global cultures. Hear how setbacks can make...

My mother, Claudia Hortua, shares stories from her upbringing.

I interview my mother about her childhood in Colombia, coming to America, adopting a new culture, and the many lessons life has taught her. She shares experiences and people that have shaped her into the strong woman she is today.

Edward Bloch and Meredith Skeath 3

Edward Bloch (87) talks with his cousin Meredith Skeath (71) about his father helping Jewish families escape from Europe before WWII, his courtship of Carol, how they started a family, and the importance of finding work you love and realizing...

Student Sharing Wisdom

We're doing an interview for a project that's based of survival, resilience and identity. My class (writing and reading strategies) have connected with Hollis class (intercultural communication) to explore how students negotiate their identity at UAA.

"Caring is my inheritance. I know I have purpose and this fortifies my resilience."

In celebration of National Caregivers Day, we sat down to learn understand the client/caregiver connection and how it nurtures resilience. We learn that while each of each of us struggles with setbacks, together we pull eachother through to elevate life...

In Their Own Words: Discovering Community Narratives of Healing & Resilience

How the African American community “copes and pivots” to ensure that they have a seat at the table.

StoryCorps interview ~ Simplicity & Resilience ~

I spoke with my uncle Jun. We had a conversation about cultural differences between the Philippines and the United States. Ultimately, we had a conversation about the importance of resilience and giving back to the community.

Beth Moeller and Dr. Frank DeStefano for the 2020 Griswold Home Care Resilience Project

2020-08-25 17:54:08 Beth Moeller and Dr. DeStefano sat down to discus insights gleaned from a lifetime rooted in Catholicism, a 57 year strong marriage and family of 6 children and 17 grandchildren, art during the period of the Renaissance and...

Griswold Home Care Resilience Project: Jim Hedtke's Lessons on Resilience from 75 Days Under Sea on the USS Flying Fish

Jim Hedtke, Vietnam Era Submariner shared humorous tales from 75 days under sea on the US Navy's USS Flying Fish with Beth Moeller for the Griswold Home Care Resilience Project. Hear powerful lessons about resilience that inspire pride in America's...

Silvia Austerlic and Kimberly De Serpa

Colleagues Silvia Austerlic (55) and Kimberly De Serpa [no age given], discuss their work at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, helping others through grief, and how they hope to better serve the Latino/a/x population at the hospital.

“I was brought up to be resilient to different environments”

Everyone has an "origin story" of how and where they began. I interviewed my mother, Pamela Leung about her early life and the experiences that influenced her to become the loving and caring mother she is today. This interview chronicles...

Hilary Trudell and Dean Booth

Hilary Trudell (38) interviews her friend, Dean "Justin" Booth (54), about his journey from addict and troublemaker to writer, poet, and storyteller.

Interview about negotiating identity and resilience at UAA college with Alex and Noel

Alex asked me about my time here at UAA and how knowing my identity has helped me. He asked me about my resiliency in my life and my time at college.

Austin Travis and Jeanne Kimberl

Jeanne Kimberl (55) interviews her friend and mentee Austin Travis (24) about the goals he hopes to accomplish, the challenges he has overcome, and the life lessons he has learned along the way.

Aug 18 2020 1:26 pm Louis Voros & Beth Moeller for the Senior Citizens Day Griswold Home Care Fairfield County Resilience Project

Beth Moeller (57) of Griswold Home Care Fairfield County and Louis Voros (77) of Fairfield, CT sit down via StoryCorps connect to discuss wisdom gleaned from a life of hard work and perseverance. Hear Lou share how a quest for...

Elizabeth Garman and Rachel Manchester

Elizabeth shared her amazing life journey, teen pregnancy, loss of baby, humanitarian work with hemophilia education in impoverished countries, COVID journey and loss of family members, strength in adversity, a life of meaning and purpose, Providence mission. faith, leading with...

Professor Celeste Terry & Community Healing and Resilience part 2

Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences Student, Tiffany Mims, interviews Professor Celeste Terry, Assistant Executive Director of United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland Inc. to talk about her life, her work, her projects, and her insights about resilience, healing, and...

Griswold Home Care Project On Resilience- Moving Forward Stronger with Filosa Hancock Hall

Beth Moeller from Griswold Home Care sat down with Pam Shepperd-Katra, director of social work for Filosa/Hancock Hall and Medicare Nurse/MDS coordinator, Kathy Berry, in Danbury, one of communities outside of New York that was hardest hit at the outset...