Storytelling Assignment

We talked about the differences between back in the 30’s to today.

The Riots 1968

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Detroit Riots of ‘67

A glimpse of what happened in the eyes of my grandmother (and special guest star my grandfather). She wasn’t at the scene but close by.

Rodney king riots

Ms. Nelson talked about the Rodney King protest around South Central L.A. And how one Protest went badly wrong.

Race Relations in Memphis, TN during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

Jackson Moreton interviews Eldon Blount on November 28, 2018 in Oxford, MS. Eldon grew up in Memphis, TN during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Public schools were still segregated and racial tensions were high. Eldon shares his experience...

History interview w/Granny!

Talks about experiences with prejudicness in Ohio and POV of 9/11

Mr. Carl Jackson

Eliana Frederick (16) talks with neighbor Carl Jackson (74) about growing up in Milwaukee during a time of racial discrimination.

History at its finest.

There are many interesting thing that happen i your adult life.

My Grandparents’ Experience in the LA Riots

Please skip to 1:32. I interview my grandparents, Annie Kim (75) and Paul Kim (80), on their experiences immigrating to America and owning a liquor store in South Central LA during the LA Riots. My mom, Julie Kwon, is translating.

Philip Gibbs and Offie Wortham

One Small Step conversation partners Philip Gibbs (62) and Offie Wortham (83) met virtually to talk about the civil rights movement; their opinions of former President Donald Trump; BLM; and issues of immigration, crime and fear.

Lauren and Jonah Interview Charlie Bowman

Charlie Bowman (Jonah Webers Grandpa) was kid during the 60s and he talks about his experience during this time period.

OSU Student Riots

My grandmother was on campus during the 1970 Vietnam War riots on the campus of Ohio State University.

Baltimore ’68: one more arson

A story of growing up in Baltimore in the 1950s and 60s, and how the riots after Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination affected one family.

Love, Riots, and Violence, at USC

Ann Garrett, from Clovis, California, in her junior year of USC, 1992, was put into the middle of the Rodney King riots. It is a firsthand story of someone stuck in a violent protest. Interviewed by Luke Garrett, 14, her...

The Necessary Transitions

On November 24th, 2017, in Sherman Oaks, California, fourteen year old Gehna Chugani interviewed her grandmother, Chitra Chugani about her close knit family, her childhood, and her move from Pakistan to India to the U.S.A. The happy memories from when...

WHAP Oral History Interview

I interview my mom about the Babri Masjid incident that she was very close to when riots broke out at the Babri Masjid mosque. She goes on to explain what has changed with the issue and what has remained constant...

The Day After The People’s Park Riots (1969)

Juanita lived in Berkeley, CA at the time. Surveying the scene the next morning, her son in his stroller touched a leaf, inadvertently teargassing himself by rubbing his eye.

Martin Luther King Riots

90 year old Jack Christoffel describes his experience starting his own business. He goes on to explain the racial tension in his neighborhood and stories about black riots.