Bill Messana 11-21-22

Bill, 72, started running with the Crazies in 1990-91. He is a road and mountain biker too.

Albert Lim, David Lim, and Toby Lim

The story of a Korean man and a journey with his family to America from a war at home. David Lim was interviewed on January 7th in Porter Ranch where he talks about his experience of the Korean War in...

Horst Bethge 11-1-22

Horst, 80, has run with the Crazies for 30 years. He has completed 6 triathlons as well as 4 marathons

Running with My Grandpa

Paul Johnston (68) talks about his life and running with his granddaughter.

Dan Woods 9-15-22

Dan, 64, started running with the Crazies in 2005. He is a mountain biker and runner and serves in an unoffical capacity as the center of communication (i.e., secretary) of the group

Louise Geib and Rishi Bhosale

Fellow "vestibular warriors," Louise Geib (58) and Rishi Bhosale (30), share a conversation about living with and recovering from vestibular disorders.

Dan Van Dyke 10-10-22

Dan, 76, is a runner and cyclist (road and mountain), that started running with the Crazies in 1994

Len Coster 9-1-22

Len Coster, 76, joined the Crazies in 1998. He is a runner

John Scheffler 9-21-22

John, 64, is a runner, cyclist, and mountain biker (and fisherman and hunter)

Rob Aceto 9-22-22

Rob, 60, joined the Crazies in 1999. He is a runner.

Everett Smith and John McKay

Colleagues John McKay (47) and Everett D. Smith (61) discuss a trip running across America. The run was to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research through their nonprofit organization, 4Another.

Interview with My Dad!

I interviewed my dad, Frank Pittman. We discussed a range of things. We began by talking about his earliest childhood memories and his most vivid memories. Then, my question about his greatest accomplishment led to a familial discussion, most notably,...

John Moran 11-21-22

John Moran, 68, is a runner that started running with the Crazies over 20 years ago. He has run numerous ultra marathons.

Kyle Choe and his mother Mira Choe talk about what it was like growing up back then in South Korea.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Williston Park, New York, Kyle Choe (16) interviews his mother Mira Choe (51) about her childhood in South Korea. Mrs. Choe shares stories about what it was like growing up during that...

Life as a D1 Runner

Garrett talks about his running career and the things that have influenced him and kept him going over the years.

Joe Reid 9-6-22

Joe, 66, joined the Crazies in the early 90s. He is a runner and considered the top Crazies recruiter

Scott Osmus 9-23-22

Scotty O, 63, joined the Crazies in 2000, 2 months before his 1st H2C. He is a runner

Jim Brandt 10-18-22

Jim, 66, joined the Crazies in 2005 as a runner, and started cycling in 2009. He has run ~60 marathons, done ~15 Century rides, and has climbed 5 of the 7 world's continent's highest peaks


Kyle Gronau (20) talks with Rob Cloutier (40) about self-esteem and confidence in adolescent distance runners. Rob first talks about his own experience growing up and running while dealing with a difficult home life, then gets into his job as...

Ryan Anderson 11-29-22

Ryan Anderson, 80, started running with Tom Pinckard and others in 1976. He ran with the group, which obtained the name "Alamo Crazies" in the late 70s, until 1987 when a back inury kept him from running any more. He...

Randy Harris 12-12-22

Randy, 73, started running the hills of Round Hill golf course with other Crazies in 1980. He is also a cyclist.

PLP English II Narrative, Nicoles running interview

PLP English II Narrative, Asking Nicole questions on how she had to get through her injury and the basics of what happened.