My Father's Interesting Past

I am Alex Wong and on December 1st, 2019, at home, my father and I talked about a few moments in my father's life that were significant to him. He told me about how he met my mother. He told...

Elena Varela, Maria Guadalupe Rico-Varela, and Irma Varela

Hermanas Elena Martha Varela (61) y Irma Varela (59) entrevistan a su mamá, Maria Guadalupe Rico-Varela (90), sobre las decisiones que hizo en criar a sus hijas empoderadas a seguir la educación en los tiempos cuando no se acostumbraba a...

Financial Literacy

Interviewed my grandpa and financial literacy. He explains how he saves money and why.

Thelma McGhie, Stephen Thomas, and Rosalie McGhie

Stephen Thomas (37) and Rosalie McGhie (63) interview Stephen's grandmother and Rosalie's mother, Thelma McGhie (88), about her immigration to the United States and her life here working as a seamstress and a dietician.

Be yourself. Have fun. Enjoy life. You only have one.

Suzy Beinecke (35) interviewed her dad Glenn Clement (69) for a school assignment. The real reward was learning about his life, hearing him laugh at his favorite memories, and learning what he has found most valuable gazing back and looking...