Ashley Geng and Elena Li

Ashley Geng interviews her friend Elena Li. They talk about their favorite teacher, some food and cities to travel.

Interviewing my dad, Justin Hanson

Interviewing my dad who is 43, born March 23. He was raised in the Sonora/ Twain Harte area and recalls many fond memories of his life.

Rehan Yadav and Mahesh Yadav

Rehan Yadav (18) talks with his dad, Mahesh Yadav (53) about his childhood in India and his journey coming to America.

Leo man Virgo woman 2016

The Leo man is a fixed fire sign whereas the Virgo woman is a mutable earth sign. The Leo man is fierce, strong, masculine, determined, passionate and impulsive. The Virgo woman compliments him by being soft, charming, feminine, delicate and...