The interesting major: animation major

Jaci Zhang talks with her boyfriend Zhao Chenhe about his major in animation. This major is interesting, and they discuss the content and future of it.

Fuming in the Pandemic

Hannya Kandil (16) talks with her brother, Ahmad Kandil (14) about the several months of quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jeongmi Ahn and Shahana Jalal

Jeongmi Ahn (14) talks with her fellow classmate and friend from Global History, Shahana Jalal (14) about Covid-19, BLM movement, personals experiences, and New York Times (pg 18) of "2020: A Year Like No Others”.

Contance G. Wright and Jordan Wright

Constance Wright talks with her grandson Jordan Wright about growing up in Harlem with her brother Raymond and the advenutes they had in school, in the neighborhood, and on the subway. She also talks about raising her own sons, having...

Leo man Virgo woman 2016

The Leo man is a fixed fire sign whereas the Virgo woman is a mutable earth sign. The Leo man is fierce, strong, masculine, determined, passionate and impulsive. The Virgo woman compliments him by being soft, charming, feminine, delicate and...

Leslie interviews her older sister to learn more about her

In this interview, I asked my older sister (22) various questions about different topics such as her school life when she was younger, religion, life, and more. I got to know my sister a little better and got to understand...