Interview with Poppy

I interviewed my grandpa - Patrick Pantoliano - who is 77 years old and resides in Hoboken, NJ. I was able to learn more about his upbringing and up to where is his life is now - a retired husband,...

Me and my grandma

Here me and my grandma talk about her early days in Maine. We talked about what her elementary, middle, and high school looked like and what kind of things she learned and did.

Steven Chavez 2nd and his father Steve Chavez talk about childhood

This interview was conducted on November 27, 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Steven Chavez 2nd interviews his father Steve Chavez about his childhood and talks about growing up on a small farm just outside of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. They...

Discussing Technological Advancements With My Grandfather

Throughout this interview I ask my grandfather, Carl, a series of questions relating to the technology he grew up with and what he has experienced through his life up till this point. He sometimes drifts off topic as a result...

An interview with Madeline Graddy about her mixed schooling experience.

Within this interview, my roommate Madeline Graddy describes her schooling experience, and how it differs from others because her father was in the airforce. She explains how moving to new places frequently made her schooling life more difficult, and how...


Virginia Lee Robinson describes the various ordeals she overcame growing up to get her education.

Linda Oliver recounts growing up and her family life.

Linda Oliver starts by recounting her life growing up. She then talks about her home life and childhood. She describes her time of raising a family of her own. And how she feels about young parents not having time to...

Rachael Foote

11-year-old Rachael talks about her proudest moments, her happiest moments, her room, and advice for her adult self.

Ethan Yim and his grandmother Jeong Yim talk about her experiences in Korea, America, and her immigration between.

On April 2021, Ethan (19) interviewed his grandmother (85) in her living room, in Irvine, California. She discusses her life experiences, especially those pertaining to life in Korea, immigration, and life in the United States.

literature 5th hour
September 12, 2022 App Interview

interview with my mom

아버지랑 Lila

Lila interviews her father, who went to school for a very long time (i.e. he graduated in the 27th grade).

Laura’s Interview

The summary of the interview was looking on my mother’s life and different things that she did or different family members that she had and the things she did or wants to do in the future.

Mother Doty’s Life Story

Basically I asked my mom questions about her beliefs, lessons, and experiences throughout her life. She does her best to give full and thorough answers; I try to read her mood with each question to decide what to ask next.

Life Growing Up in the Bahamas
November 21, 2018 App Interview

Marsha McKenzie tells her story about her life growing up in islands of the Bahamas such as Nassau & Freeport. Throughout the interview, she tells stories about life with her grandmother, friends and family.