Scuba diving

Grandpa’s interview on scuba diving

Helena Hunt and John Coppers

One Small Step conversation partners Helena "Ena" Hunt (75) and John Coppers (53) have a conversation about the Healthcare system in the United States and the struggles they have overcome.

William Weatherford and Ben Weatherford

Ben Weatherford (43) talks with his dad, William "Bill" Weatherford (83), about Bill's life growing up as an only child in Blackstone, Virginia. Other topics include Bill's military service, which began in high school, as well as how he got...

Dorothy Garza and Twilla Booker

Friends Twilla Booker (59) talks with Dorothy Garza (63) about Dorothy’s childhood, her family, her time in college, in the Air Force, in Alaska, and Japan, her children, and about the life lessons that she would like to pass on...

Debi Smulyan and Nick Meyers

One Small Step participants Debi Smulyan (69) and Nick Meyers (56) discuss their upbringings in Oakland, CA and Erie, PA, respectively. They discuss how their upbringings affect their current political views and talk about the education system and the two-party...

Robert Wallace and Lindsay Smythe

Robert (Rob) Wallace (45) talks with his girlfriend, Lindsay Smythe (30) about his life expereinces living in Italy and California, his service in Kuwait and Somalia, and working as a police officer in Yuma.

Camari Olson and Laura Bancroft

Camari Olson (50) and Laura Bancroft (53), two close friends talk about Camari surviving breast cancer twice, their love of adventure, and how their friendship has helped each to face challenging times and embrace life.

Jefrey Davidson and Olivia Davidson

Olivia Davidson (23) asks her father, Jefrey Davidson (67) about some of the more seminal moments in his life. They discuss his childhood as an "army brat" and how despite growing up in a number of places he has found...

Lizzie Hessek and Veronica Fischmann Have A Second StoryCorps Connect Conversation

Lizzie Hessek (32) and Veronica Fischmann (33) talk about life during the pandemic, the people who have shown kindness to them in the past, their happiest memories, and other odds n ends.

Blowing Bubbles

Sophie Pihlgren Interviewed her grandparents on their scuba diving adventures over the years.

Q5 diving interview. Alex Keen

Alan and I talk about various topic focused around scuba diving

Favorite Shared Memories – Jim Larsen and Richard Deditius

Wind River, Wyoming Boy Scout Mountain Man Annual Hike; Scuba Diving in Grand Cayman, Jack Rabbit Hunting in Wyoming, Lynn Canal, Alaska camping