Scuba diving

Grandpa’s interview on scuba diving

Camari Olson and Laura Bancroft

Camari Olson (50) and Laura Bancroft (53), two close friends talk about Camari surviving breast cancer twice, their love of adventure, and how their friendship has helped each to face challenging times and embrace life.

Blowing Bubbles

Sophie Pihlgren Interviewed her grandparents on their scuba diving adventures over the years.

Jefrey Davidson and Olivia Davidson

Olivia Davidson (23) asks her father, Jefrey Davidson (67) about some of the more seminal moments in his life. They discuss his childhood as an "army brat" and how despite growing up in a number of places he has found...

Q5 diving interview. Alex Keen

Alan and I talk about various topic focused around scuba diving

Lizzie Hessek and Veronica Fischmann Have A Second StoryCorps Connect Conversation

Lizzie Hessek (32) and Veronica Fischmann (33) talk about life during the pandemic, the people who have shown kindness to them in the past, their happiest memories, and other odds n ends.